Lowe León would have slapped Liceth Córdoba in public

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The singer is in the eye of the storm due to some statements circulating on social networks, in which they narrate the embarrassing moment in a bar

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Lowe León would have slapped Liceth Córdoba in public< /p>Lowe León would be involved in the case of mistreatment of his wife, Liceth Córdoba by a social media user who reported the embarrassing moment. Taken from Instagram @licethcordobar

Lowe León has been involved in different problems due to the relationship he had with Andrea Valdiri, from whom Adhara was born, for whom he fights in the judicial courts when claiming the paternity of the minor. According to the singer, Andrea Valdiri does not allow him to see the girl.

After that famous relationship with the dancer from Barranquilla, the artist decided to start a new union this time with Liceth Córdoba, a lawyer with whom he also has a daughter and to whom he said yes at the altar . The woman has also been the target of criticism for interfering in the legal dispute between the ex-partner.

And although León has not yet reached an agreement with the mother of his daughter, the artist returns to being at the center of the discussion because of a post by a social media user who calls himself Dr Barri Ghón, who narrated the story without mentioning any of the parties involved by name.

The story began with the narration of the Internet user, using terms so that the users of the social network Twitter understood what he was talking about at the time. Apparently, the artist would have slapped his partner, with whom they were chatting in the company of another couple.

To locate the readers of the “supposed confrontation”, he named Andrea Valdiri as the influencer from Barranquilla; At that moment, Dr. Barri Ghón said that he was having a quiet drink, until four people with coastal accents arrived at the place and that was when everything got out of control, as he recounted every detail.< /p>

They are gossiped about. 1. Barranquillero, from the ex of the famous influencer and now a singer. 2. I will not mention those involved, but there will be important identity data. 3. This must have good likes or visibility because the return is heavy, besides gossip without likes is worth shit”, the Twitter post reads.

 Lowe León would have slapped Liceth Córdoba in public

Apparently, Lowe León would be involved in gender violence against his wife, Liceth Córdoba. Taken from Twitter

According to the story of the Dr Bari Ghón account, Liceth Córdoba and the woman who accompanied the other couple began to dance for their respective husbands, hence the The theme of sensuality began to become more evident and suddenly, the two kissed and this made Lowe León uncomfortable.

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“The night was heating up, the music got better, the alcohol went to the head and they let go the forbidden ones. There was another couple next door, the girl also from the coast. They made a connection or recognized each other, I don't know, but they both started twerking to the bottom, sensuality… Ahhh they didn't like it, because the men changed their faces, they sat down, they argued (both couples) one of them cried and stayed like that . Well, that's where the healthy thing was left”, the person in charge of revealing the information added in the story.

However, things got hotter with the drinks on top and he says that apparently the singer did not like what his wife did, so he suddenly slapped a face that sounded quite loud, which made them call the security personnel to remove him from the place.

Lowe León would have slapped Liceth Córdoba in public

Story of a social network user who puts Lowe León in the eye of the hurricane for an alleged case of gender violence against Liceth Córdoba, his wife. Taken from Twitter.

But this little songstress insisted on the subject… And zaz takes your slap. That cock sounded loud! And I to the security: hey get that man out of here, He hit her and he intends to do it again. The security guys and the old woman approached: oh, not everything is calm. Two gringos were going to punch him because they stayed there next door”, reads the Twitter post.

Lowe León would have slapped her in public Public to Liceth Córdoba

Social network user story, would put Lowe León in trouble for an alleged case of domestic abuse. Taken from Twitter.

In view of the strong altercation between the couple, the logistics guards approached but the person directly involved indicated that everything was fine and the alleged abuse issue was terminated there. Followers on social networks wonder what happened, but there is no statement from the couple involved in the gossip.