Lowe León will undergo a paternity test with Andrea Valdiri's daughter this November 23

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The Seventh Family Court of Barranquilla notified the artist to attend the appointment that would corroborate his biological relationship with Adhara, the minor in question

Lowe León will undergo a paternity test with Andrea Valdiri's daughter on November 23

Lowe León and his paternity test for recognize Adhara, daughter of Andrea Valdiri/(Instagram)

At 8:00 a.m. m. This Wednesday, November 23, the singer and songwriter from Barranquilla Luis Eduardo León , better known as Lowe León, must undergo a DNA test to prove his biological paternity over Adhara , the year-and-a-half-year-old daughter of the influencer Andrea Valdiri.

Until May 2020, León and Valdiri had a sentimental relationship from which little Adhara would have been born. In September 2022, a lawsuit between lawyers for both public figures broke out with the implementation of a paternity test to define legal responsibilities.

In the Seventh Family Court from BarranquillaA lawsuit for extramarital affiliation filed against León was admitted. Through this legal action, Valdiri and his legal team are seeking the court to ratify the artist's legal obligations with the minor.

Well, according to the Instagram account of @rechismes, the paternity test has already been approved and scheduled with the following legal notification document from the Barranquilla court:

It considers setting a date for the practice of the expertise of genetic markers -DNA between the parties Andrea del Carmen Ospino Valdiri, the AQV girl and Luis Eduardo León Amaris for November 23 of this year at 8:00 a.m. m.

Lowe León will undergo a paternity test with Andrea Valdiri's daughter this November 23

Notification for DNA test practice between Lowe León and his daughter Adhara/(Instagram: @rechismes)

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It is worth mentioning that Andrea Valdiri's lawyer denounced Mauricio Cuello Fernández, Lowe León's agent, for violating the procedural reserve in the middle of the paternity recognition process with the minor.

Before the Judicial Disciplinary Commission, the law firm Víctor Mosquera Marín alleged that there was a lack of procedural reserve and loyalty on the part of the lawyer hired by Lowe León and this is what it referred to in a press release on September 23:

< blockquote class="color_figcaption">The actions of the lawyer Mauricio Cuello are unacceptable, since he once again relapses into making publications on social networks that refer to the media case in which the minor Andrea Valdiri is involved, instrumentalizing her, in order to advertise, publicize her name and take advantage of the situation

The firm that defends the Barranquillera, married to the influencer Felipe Saruma, mentioned that the performance of her colleague did not It has not only affected this woman but also Adhara, her daughter, whose rights to privacy and dignity have been violated, according to him:

The Firm completely rejects the actions of the lawyer, who does not take into account the best interests of the minor, nor the multiple rights that have been violated by Valdiri, such as the right to privacy and dignity, protected and reinforced by international mechanisms such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child and national mechanisms such as the Childhood and Adolescence Code

Lowe León will undergo a paternity test with Andrea Valdiri's daughter this November 23

Lack of procedural reserve and loyalty denounced by firm of defense lawyers for Andrea Valdiri in the case of the paternity of her daughter Adhara with Lowe León/(Instagram: recismes)

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Before the press release from Víctor Mosquera Marín Abogados was released, León's attorney had sent Valdiri a hint in the month of love and friendship. From his Instagram account Mauricio Cuello he insinuated child abuse against Adhara with the following message:

That a mother allows him to see his daughter to the paternal grandmother, do not allow her biological father near his daughter, that constitutes a form of child abuse…

Lowe León He will undergo a paternity test with Andrea Valdiri's daughter this November 23

Lowe León's lawyer sent a taunt to Andrea Valdiri through a publication by not allowing the singer to see the daughter, what he called child abuse. Taken from Instagram @rechismes