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Love or fake: we tell you how to recognize a special feeling

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul11,2024

Love or fake: we tell you how to recognize a special feeling

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Love is one of the most beautiful feelings. But, unfortunately, it is not always eternal. Sometimes love fades away, leaving behind only sadness and disappointment.

The platform “Psychological support” talks about why this happens. After all, love is a feeling that is very easy to confuse with other emotions.

How to recognize true love?

  • Sexual drive< /strong>

Sex drive – it is a strong feeling, but focuses on the physical aspect of the relationship, and can exist without any emotional attachment. That's why passion is always fleeting.

  • Enthusiasm

At the beginning of a relationship, we often admire our partner, his appearance, achievements, intelligence, and endow him with ideal qualities. This feeling can be very strong, but it can fade over time as we get to know our partner better and their flaws.

  • Approval

Some people who did not receive enough love and support in childhood do not believe in themselves. They think they are worthless. It is very important for such partners to be praised. It makes them feel valued and needed and loved.

  • Pity

People with low self-esteem or prone to codependency often look for partners who need to be “rescued”. They may think they love this person, when in fact they just feel sorry for them, as well as their importance through constant self-sacrifice, heroism.

  • Parental care

A woman can take care of a man, worry about him, as if for a child. A man can look for a woman who will take care of him and solve his problems. It is important to understand that it can simply be a need for care.

How to distinguish love from other feelings?

1. Love it is not only a feeling, but also an action. It is expressed in care, respect, trust, the desire to be with a partner and to share one's thoughts, feelings and experiences with him.

2. Love doesn't make you suffer. Of course there can be difficulties in a relationship, but they don't have to be constant. If you always feel hurt, disappointed, or angry, it might not be love.

3. Love is not based on fear. You should not be afraid of your partner's reactions or losing him.

4. Love makes you a better person. It inspires, motivates development, makes you more self-confident.

Remember that love – it is a gift that needs to be treated with care. If both partners make efforts to preserve their love, then it will live forever.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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