Love is in the meadow 2022, the balance sheet: painful breakup, surprise couples... the re ;full heading

By Aubéry Mallet Journalist Series, cinema, TV Aubéry Mallet is a journalist specializing in series. A fan of the small screen, she has seen everything (or almost) from Game of Thrones to Pretty Little Liars, from The Bridgerton Chronicle to Stranger Things via Gossip Girl or Friends. It's the end for Love is in the pre 2022: this Monday, November 14, M6 is broadcasting the last episode of this season 17. So, what is the assessment? Who found love on the show or after filming? Which farmers are still single? PRBK takes a little lead thanks to Salto.

For weeks, we've been following their adventures and now it's time for the ADP candidates to give their news to Karine Le Marchand. After part 1 of the report, part 2 is broadcast this Monday, November 14. If you're too lazy to follow, or just want to know in advance, here is the recap of the love affairs of the 13 candidates.

Those who found love on the show

Alexandre: Between Alexandre and Annaïg, it's always great love! The Normandy farmer and his suitor are in a relationship, and although he's modest and hasn't told her “I love you” yet, they're doing well. Well, Annaïg is not very keen on the wedding yet but it could come with time!

Love is in the meadow 2022, the results: painful breakup, surprise couples... the complete recap

Love is in the pre 2022: Alexandre and Annaïg are a couple

Guillaume du Limousin: The Guillaumes were a hit this year unlike the Alains (we'll tell you about it below). On the Limousin side, it's big love for Guillaume and Noémie. For now, they are not living together but are already thinking about the next step in their relationship. Too much love!

Love is in the meadow 2022, the results: painful breakup, surprise couples... the complete recap

Love is in the meadow 2022: Guillaume du Limousin and Noémie are in a relationship

Guillaume l'Auvergnat: Guillaume l'Auvergnat can also say thank you to Love is in the meadow! Thanks to her meeting with Tom, her life will even completely change. During the assessment, Tom announced that he was leaving his job to work with his darling. “The goal is to be happy and then afterwards we will see what will happen. Above all, we have to think of ourselves and keep moving forward” explained Guillaume .

Love is in the meadow 2022, the assessment: painful breakup, surprise couples... the complete recap

Love is in pre-2022: Guillaume and Tom are still in a relationship

Those who are in a relationship, but not with their suitors

Sébastien: After the shoot, Sébastien dumped Léa and didn't even go to see her in Alsace. The contender also had very harsh words to describe her adventure. But today, the Corsican doesn't really care: he has found love again with a certain Charlène, whom he met thanks to a friend. “For me, it's the right one! She's the top girl who gets along with everyone, we started looking for an apartment together” he explained during part 1 of the report.

Nadège: Addicted to work, Nadège quickly distanced herself from her suitors during the filming of ADP. But it is finally thanks to Guillaume du Limousin that she found her soul mate: she is in a relationship with her best friend, Pierre! She will even drop everything to join him, after a few months of relationship. If that's not true love…

Love is in the meadow 2022, the results: painful breakup, surprise couples... the complete recap

Love is in the meadow 2022: Nadège presents her darling Pierre to Karine Le Marchand

Those who are approaching

Thierry: Miracles do exist. The proof, after a first participation which was a fiasco and a phenomenal wind, Thierry “Coquin de fate” is in severe rapprochement. He contacted a former contender from his first appearance on the show, Mireille. “I went to Avignon, we got to know each other and I said to her: 'I would take you to the farm' and she said yes. A week later, I went to pick her up, she spent the night, we ate… then I took her home the next day”he explained. If he is not yet quite in a relationship, Thierry is well on his way to finally finding love.

Emmanuelle: Emmanuelle had given up even before the speed- dating, but she is well on her way to being in a relationship. During the assessment, she revealed that she had met someone. “It's very, very recent, that's why I don't want to say anything because I'm not sure of anything yet, but it's off to a great start, we're having a good laugh” a- she confided.

Those who are single

Jean: Poor Jean had a very painful break with Laurence who dumped him a few weeks before the balance sheet. “She hadn't realized the distance and that she was going to miss her family. In fact, she had never changed department. I was really disappointed because I didn't expect it< /em>” he explained to Karine Le Marchand. A separation so violent that Jean almost did not come to the balance sheet.

Noémie: Despite the presence of Gaël and Romain, Noémie has not found love and is today still looking for someone who will share her life. “I think I need someone who never quits too” she explained, adding that she's also not depressed despite being single.


Jean-Paul: After filming, Jean-Paul parted ways with Devi. “It's the story of distance, of distancing, we don't have the same centers of interest (…) What we experienced was sincere and beautiful, a great adventure, a nice meeting” he confided. Today, he remains single.

Alain from Auvergnat: Another shock breakup? That of Alain and Alain If everything had started well, their romance ran out of steam and it was solo that the farmer landed on the balance sheet. “I really tried but… I don't know, it's a little frustrating, I was not comfortable in addition. And he noticed it” he explained.

Agnès: If she had finished the adventure with Eric, Agnès quickly became disillusioned and decided not to go to his house. “I realized the next day that I was happy to find my little home, my peace. I did not find that I missed him” confided the farmer.

Alain le Breton: Alain le Breton had shocked Internet users because of his attitude towards his suitors. The one who only thought of concluding and therefore still finds himself solo today. And we are not very surprised…


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