“Love among the lights of the big city”: became known wedding date Dobrynin and Kvitkove

“Любовь среди огней большого города”: стала известна дата свадьбы Добрынина и Квитковой

Nikita Dobrynin and Darius Kvitkova. Photo: press service

The main character of the show “the Bachelor 9”, 32-year-old Nikita Dobrynin and the winner of the project, 21-year-old Dasha Kvitkova were married may 20.

The couple gave the first interview STB.UA in which has told how preparing for the celebration and when moved up the wedding and what it will be.

I for two or three weeks came up with what dress I want. I sewed it the Spanish brand and sent the day painting. Wedding dress I will have another, and Nikita haven’t seen”, — said Dasha.

In turn, Nikita my costume was selected with the help of each designer and addressed in advance.

Day painting the couple decided not to move, initially planned to sign on may 20, just moved the wedding date from quarantine on August 12.

The actual celebration will be themed.

It’s called “Love among the lights of the big city.” Will be on the beautiful rooftop terrace decorated with lights. Tradition is not wanted. The only thing is the transmission of the hearth,” — said Dasha.

But all parents love traditional highlights, so they’ll definitely bring a towel and loaf. Those moments will be exactly. But we do not plan to consider all ancient customs. We will be totally easy party. Most importantly — relax, smile and less worry that day,” added Nikita.

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