Lothar Matthäus: Who is the German legend?

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Lothar Matthäus: who is the german legend?

Mathäus. Major player of Bayern Munich and captain of Germany world champion in 1990, Lothar Matthäus took over from Franz Beckenbauer and embodied; dominant and relentless German football for two decades, before retiring at the turn of the millennium.

Who is Lothar Matthäus ?

Born in 1961    Erlanden in Bavaria, southern Germany, Lothar Matthäus studied football in the neighboring town of Herzogenaurach, known worldwide as the seat of 39; Adidas and Puma. There he is spotted. by Borussia Mönchengladbach, which reigns over German football. A hard-working midfielder, he convinced Jupp Heynkes with his qualities as a leader of men, his volume of play and his ball striking. Holder from his arrival, he will wait for his last season with the Foals to win the title of German champion. A last year tarnished by the announcement of his departure for the Bavarian rival. Indeed, Matthäus chose to join the club that made him dream as a child and began his best years, winning a multitude of titles including the Championship for three consecutive years from 1985  1987. Affected by the defeat in the Champions League conceded in 1987 against Porto de Madjer (1-2), the prolific defensive midfielder left Munich to try his luck. abroad and disembarks at Inter Milan in the company of his compatriot and team-mate Brehme. Soon joined by Klinsmann, he took part in a the rebirth of the nerazzurro club in a formidable duel with the Naples of Maradona. In 1989, the title returned to the Interists when the following year, the Neapolitans, also 2nd in 1988, celebrated their second Scudetto in incredible jubilation. But Matthäus has already head elsewhere and takes revenge on the Argentine genius at the World Cup. In the final, he found his great rival and executioner of 1986, to dispossess him of his crown, in extra time on a goal from …Brehme. Captain Matthäus, selected for the first time in 1979  18 and Breitner understudy until  1982, puts Germany back at the top of world football and is awarded the then-reserved Ballon d'Or. to the best European player.
Two years later and following a a serious knee injury, he goes the opposite way and returns to France. Munich for a second successful stint with four new national league titles and a UEFA Cup but a new lost Champions League final after having nevertheless led (1-2 against Manchester United in 1999). He will end his career with a last season in the United States before hanging up in 2000  39 years old. Father of three children, his career as a coach and selector will not be, as for she, than a litany of failures

What is the palmares of Lothar Matthäus&nbsp ;?

  • In club:
  • 8 German Championship: 1984 (Borussia Möchengladbach), 1985, 1986, 1987, 1994, 1997, 1999 and 2000 (Bayern Munich)
  • 3rd German Cup: 1986, 1998 and 2000 (Bayern Munich)
  • 1st German Supercup: 1987 (Bayern Munich)
  • 1 Italian Championship: 1989 (Inter Milan)
  • 1 Italian Super Cup: 1989 (Inter Milan)
  • 2 Cup Champions League: 1996 (Bayern Munich) & 1991 (Inter Milan) /li>
  • Ballon d'Or: 1990
  • Best FIFA Player of the Year in 1991
  • As a national team Germany:
  • 1st World Cup: Won in 1990, runners-up in 1982 and 1986
  • Record number of matches played in the World Cup (25)< /li>
  • Record of participation in; the World Cup: 5 (1982, 1986, 1990, 1994 and 1998)
  • 1 Euro: 1980
  • Recordman of selections: 150