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Lost your smartphone: what cyber police advises to do

In today's world, every person has a smartphone, which stores a lot of personal information and important data and files. Previously, we told how to remove water from the speakers of a smartphone, and now we share what to do if you lose it.

If you lose or steal your phone, it is important to act quickly and confidently. Tips were shared in the Telegram channel cyber police.

What does the cyber police advise you to do when you lose your gadget

  • Immediately contact the mobile operator to block the SIM card . This way no one will have access to your personal data.
  • End all active sessions in the accounts. In this way, your personal pages in social networks will be protected from intruders.
  • Change passwords for Apple ID, Google, social networks, messengers, mailboxes and online banking accounts. Use strong passwords and act quickly.
  • Set up two-factor authentication. This will make it much more difficult to log into your accounts.
  • If the situation is critical, delete all data from the lost device from another device. This way, personal data will be safe.
  • If the phone is stolen, call the police on 102 or 112.

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