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Lost a leg, but not a thirst for football: the story of a soldier and athlete Alexander Chinchley

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun29,2024

Lost a leg, but no thirst for football: the story of a military man and athlete Oleksandr Chinchley< /p> Oleksandr Chinchley/Lviv City Council

27-year-old soldier Oleksandr Chinchley lost his leg at the front. Despite this, he did not leave football lessons, which he has been playing since he was 7 years old. Recently, the veteran made his debut at the championship in Poland.

After a serious injury, the soldier Oleksandr Chinchley, who is undergoing rehabilitation at the UNBROKEN center, continues to play his favorite sport. This was reported in the Lviv City Council.

27-year-old Oleksandr comes from Odesa. Before the war, he worked in the construction industry. And his favorite activity outside of work has always been football, which he played since childhood. He was a member of the Odesa Commonwealth League – the championship for local amateur teams.

Oleksandr joined the army voluntarily on the third day of the full-scale invasion. Before his injury, he managed to fight in almost all hot areas. Took part in defense and assaults in Kherson region, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk region and Kharkiv region. In November 2023, during a combat mission in the village of Robotyne, Zaporizhzhia region, the defender lost his leg. Then the enemy densely covered them with fire. Then a melee ensued and Oleksandr was hit with a grenade, the report says.

Lost a leg, but no thirst for football: the story of a military man and athlete Oleksandr Chinchley

Oleksandr Chinchley

After a number of medical facilities, Oleksandr was referred to the UNBROKEN center in Lviv for prosthetics and rehabilitation. The cuckoo was still unhealed, so the surgeons took care of the patient first. Several interventions were performed: the vacuum device was removed from the wound and the hematoma was pumped out. After healing, prosthetists got to work and made an artificial limb for Oleksandr.

In order to master the prosthesis, the defender actively trains while continuing to play football. After the injury, Oleksandr discovered adaptive sports and competitions for people with disabilities. He recently made his debut at the football championship in Poland.

Lost a leg, but not a thirst to football: the story of the soldier and sportsman Oleksandr Chinchley

Oleksandr Chinchley

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