López Aliaga and Forsyth attended the debate but Urresti was absent

López Aliaga and Forsyth attended the debate but Urresti was absent

The Podemos Peru candidate refused to participate in the meeting.

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López Aliaga and Forsyth attended the debate but Urresti was absent

López Aliaga proposed to implement a “Bukele plan”; Forsyth, end the sale of stolen cell phones. (Photo: Lenin Tadeo/Archive)

The candidates for Mayor of Lima Rafael López Aliaga< b> (Popular Renovation) and George Forsyth (Somos Peru) staged this Sunday the first electoral debate in the midst of a campaign overshadowed by the political crisis. < /p>

Meanwhile, despite being invited, Daniel Urresti (Podemos Peru), leader in the polls, decided not to participate in the event held in the studios of the “Cuarto Poder” program, and organized by América TV and Canal N.

In citizen security, López Aliaga proposed to implement “the Bukele plan”, in reference to the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, whose administration launched a war against gangs, but is accused of human rights violations.

Meanwhile, Forsyth promised to close down all stores where stolen cell phones are sold within the first 50 days of his administration.

In trafficability, López Aliaga proposed expanding the Metropolitan route and lowering the cost of pejaes. Forsyth promised “major road works”, such as the expansion of the Vía Expresa.

As for social programs, the Renovación Popular candidate said that will promote youth volunteering, while the applicant from Somos Perú proposed to control the delivery of food to the common pots.

Finally, López Aliaga lamented Urresti's absence and Forsyth added: “Don't run [Urresti]. Tell me when and where and I'll be there; in Collique, Comas, if you want. Don't worry: they won't rob you, I'll take care of you.”