“Looks sexy”: the media recalled how Kate Middleton spoke “dangerously” about Prince William

“Looks sexy”: the media recalled how Kate Middleton spoke “dangerously” about Prince William

The wife of British Prince William, Kate Middleton, has recently become a full-fledged representative of the royal family and a favorite of British subjects. However, as it turned out, earlier the Duchess of Cambridge allowed herself a liberty, which many considered dangerous. It's all about an inappropriate compliment to her future spouse.

When Middleton first saw Prince William, she simply could not contain her emotions. However, according to experts, according to the current rules of etiquette, royals are supposed to keep emotions in themselves and not try to express them vividly in public, it will not hurt to be careful in expressions. Although, all these rules have nothing to do with this case, since then Kate Middleton was not yet married to the crown prince. This happened in 2006, when she and her parents attended the Royal Military Academy. Their family was at the forefront and watched the arrival of Prince William. On that day, young Kate was so impressed that she allowed herself a statement, for which now a whole wave of criticism would fall on her.

“I like it when he is wearing a military uniform. He looks very sexy, “the Duchess said at the time, Mirror. On that day, the article emphasizes, the prince went out in public in his ceremonial uniform.

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