Longest Ice Age Trail Found in New Mexico

Longest Ice Age Trail Found in New Mexico

In White Sands National Park (New Mexico, USA), the longest chain of ice age footprints was found. It stretches for about one and a half kilometers and is at least 10 thousand years old. The find was published in the journal Quaternary Science Reviews , and the article is summarized by the US National Park Service .

It could look like a woman and a child who “inherited” 10 thousand years ago. Photo: National Park Service.
Footprints from White Sands Park. Photo: National Park Service.

Traces were left by two people – a woman (or a teenage boy) and a child less than three years old. It is interesting that the child either walked on his own, then “rode” “in his arms”: his tracks disappear from time to time, and the older “fellow traveler” simultaneously becomes deeper. In addition, it is clear from the tracks that the child was carried on a hip, and from time to time transferred from one hip to another.
Park White Sands (“White Sands”) is known as the world’s largest natural “collection” of foot and paw prints. Once upon a time there was a lake in its place, in the coastal mud and sand of which traces were preserved. The sand there is unusual – gypsum, it was he, together with local algae, that preserved the prints.

Previously, in the same park, traces of a mammoth, a giant sloth , a dire wolf and an American lion were found . Traces of sloth hunters (probably unlucky ones) have also been reported .

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