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September 15, 2021 by archyde

Reporter Liao Lihui/Comprehensive Report[Postedat20:429/14|22:35Update:Newvideoandaudio]

Entertainer Long Shaohua passed away today (14), at the age of 68. At the end of his Facebook post, you can see that he shared his public service videos, and he was still very dedicated to his work at the last moment. Netizens also left messages, thanking him for bringing so many good works during his lifetime.

▲Long Shaohua’s last Facebook post. (Photo/Retrieved from Long Shaohua Facebook)

Long Shaohua’s last Facebook post was a real person story he shot for the Catholic Church of Our Lady of China Foundation. He played the dementia father in the film and had wonderful rivalries with Miao Keli and JR Ji Yankai. The drama “Daily Remember You” will be broadcast at 8pm on the 17th (Friday), and will premiere on the Facebook of the Catholic Church of Our Lady of China Foundation.

An interview with the Catholic Foundation of Our Lady of China pointed out that this film would have been exposed on Friday, but now that it receives the bad news, everyone is shocked. The follow-up will have to wait for the favor of the film and television to make the next response.

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