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London attack verdict: residents relieved s | London attack: trial of the accused

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London residents continue to lay wreaths at the Afzaal family memorial.

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Several London residents say they felt relieved when they learned that Nathaniel Veltman was found guilty of the premeditated murders of four members of the Afzaal family.

Personally, I feel relieved, my family, my friends, the entire Muslim community, explains Nadia Manar.

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Nadia Namar believes that it is high time that all communities learn to respect each other.

My children reacted positively. They said that " the terrorist " received the punishment he deserves.

A quote from Nadia Manar, a member of the Muslim community in London

She says the trial and the drama have regularly fueled conversations within her family.

London attack: trial of the accused

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London attack: trial of the accused

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Inaam Kabbara, also a member of the Muslim community in London, says she is very happy with the verdict.

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Inaam Kabbara hopes that one day discrimination based in particular on religion will no longer have its place.

At least there is something positive in what happened, it gives us hope, she explains.

Dan Tigchelaar, also a resident of London, explains for his part that he has never stopped supporting the bereaved Muslim community.

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According to Dan Tigchelaar, racism and Islamophobia must be put aside. He says he has always supported the grieving Muslim community in London.

According to him, justice sends a strong message. The individual must pay and the community must know that these actions are unacceptable and that there will be a price to pay, he said.

I think justice has been done and it's probably a message to everyone that we need to live with each other in peace. love and peace.

A quote from Dan Tigchelaar

The people met in London are unanimous in affirming that raising awareness, particularly about racism, discrimination and fear of others, would be a next step in trying to soothe hearts and prevent such tragedies.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">According to Ms. Namar, if the municipality, associations and the government become actively involved in campaigns, particularly against Islamophobia, things could change.

For François Kodjizra, a member of the Cameroonian community in London, there will be an impact if everyone gets involved.

I most often notice that those who raise awareness in communities about racism or discrimination most often come from victim communities.

A quote from François Kodjizra, member of the Cameroonian community in London

Others like Mr. Tigchelaar believe that fear of others is one of the factors to be combated by everyone the means.

We need to get to know each other, form friendships and simply interact with each other, he suggests.

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