Lol, who laughs, comes out! : who is the big winner of season 3?

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Lol, who laughs, comes out!: who is the big winner of season 3?

The second part of season 3 of the show LOL, who laughs is out! was released Friday, March 17, 2023 on Amazon Prime Video. Who is the big winner of this new edition?

LOL who laughs comes out! is a French television program broadcasted on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform. The concept of the show is simple. Ten personalities (comedians, actors) are brought together in a room for six hours. They are not allowed to laugh, but must work to make their opponents laugh in order to eliminate them. The first two seasons of LOL qui rit come out! were well received by the public. The success being there, the show has been renewed for a third season.

Shooting for the latter took place in October 2022. Philippe Lacheau, actor and director, assures the presentation of the television show since its debut. For this new season, the participants were: Jonathan Cohen, Gad Elmaleh, Laura Felpin, Pierre Niney, Paul Mirabel, Adèle Exarchopoulos, François Damien, Virginie Efira and Géraldine Nakache. The majority of the actors involved have been seen in the humorous mini-series La Flamme and Le Flambeau, broadcast on Canal +.

Qui est le grand winner of LOL, who laughs comes out! season 3?

The first part of the third season of LOL, who laughs is out! was released on March 10 on Amazon Prime Video. The second part of season 3 is available since Friday, March 17, 2023. And we finally know who won this new edition! As a reminder, Alexandra Lamy and Julien Arruti emerged victorious from the first confrontation between comedians and actors. Camille Lellouche and Gérard Darmon won the second edition of the show. And it’s Pierre Niney who wonthis new competition! He was opposed to comedian Paul Mirabel in the final, deadpan emeritus who broke down very little during the competition, after having contributed to bringing down several participants.

He got the better of resistance from Géraldine Nakache and Leila Bekthi, who were part of the leading quartet. Pierre Niney chained sketches, improvisations and antics to crack his opponents.He won the sum of 50,000 euros. This will be donated in full to the Robert Debré Association for Medical Research, which the artist represented on the show. Tied with Paul Mirabel, at the end of the final rounds, he did well thanks to the laughs he provoked. The show LOL, who laughs comes out! was illustrated by anthology scenes, which rely on the talent and comic strength of the actors and actresses who participated. Season 3 is available in full on Amazon Prime Video.