Lol, who laughs, comes out! : How long does the shooting really take?

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Lol, who's laughing, out!: How long is the shoot really?

Season 3 of Lol, who laughs, is out! has been available on Prime Video since March 10. But a question arises: how long does the shooting really last?

Fans were looking forward to it! Season 3 of Lol, who laughs, out! is finally available on Prime Video since March 10th. And good news: the second burst of episodes arrives this Friday, March 17. So, who will be the big winner among this 5-star cast made up of Jonathan Cohen, François Damiens, Leïla Behkti, Géraldine Nakache, Gad Elmaleh, Pierre Niney and many more? See you tomorrow ! More good news, Lol, who laughs, comes out! has already announced its renewal for a season 4! Not surprising when you know that it’s one of the biggest successes of Prime Video in France.

And the success is probably due to the original concept and innovative of Lol, who laughs, comes out!, allowing to see a completely different facet of the most appreciated French personalities of the public. This is what Thomas Dubois explains,director of original programs for Amazon Studios France to Variety magazine:“The series is a challenge for the actors, who are used to filming in comedies. Here, they are given an opportunity to show their true personalities.”. These stars of the French small screen are also locked up for several hours. The goal is to carry out their mission: make their comrades laugh.But then, how much time do they have exactly? How long is the shooting of Lol, who laughs, out! on Prime Video?

Lol, who laughs , spell ! : an original concept

As Thomas Dubois explains, the filming of Lol, who laughs, comes out! only lasts… in reality< strong>a day and a half! He states that all the actors and comedians are “armed with their best jokes while the camera rolls nonstop”. An ultra original concept and very popular with the French public which comes straight from Japan. Indeed, the program is from a Japanese show carried by comedian Hitoshi Mastumoto, much trashier than the French version. For good reason, some celebrities have already finished completely naked! Either way, it’s a completely wacky reality show that offers great moments of laughter to viewers.