Loire-Atlantique: A 16-year-old driver admits to having hit a child

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ACCIDENT The victim, aged 12, was seriously injured by a driver who fled on Saturday evening in Boussay

Loire-Atlantique: A 16-year-old driver admits to having hit a child

A police vehicle (illustration). —P. Siccoli/Sipa

The call to witnesses carried its fruits. The suspected driver having overturned a 12 year old child this weekend at Boussay (Loire-Atlantique) was found by the gendarmes of the Rez company. And we learned this Friday evening that the suspect is an elderly teenager. 16 years old, living not far from the accident, and unknown to the justice system. “The material findings (…) confirmed that “his responsibility,” indicates the public prosecutor Renaud Gaudeul. Placed on guard sight, the young man admitted the facts.

Saturday around 11:30 p.m., rue de Bretagne, an elderly pedestrian 12-year-old had been hit by a car while he was returning home. his home with his parents. Seriously injured, suffering from several fractures, he had been killed. transportation at the Nantes University Hospital. The small group was crossing a pedestrian crossing at the time of the collision. The driver of the vehicle involved had fled.

Aggravated unintentional injuries

The young suspect was arrested. referred to at the prosecution this Friday and is being prosecuted for “unintentional injuries aggravated by two circumstances (lack of license and hit-and-run)”, specifies the prosecutor. He would already have got behind the wheel several times, in August and September. The judicial control, required by the prosecution, was not carried out. pronounced by the children's judge. The prosecution indicates that it should appeal the decision “from Monday”.