Local residents remain in Bakhmut and try to live a “peaceful life”

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Local residents stay in Bakhmut and try to live a "peaceful life"

A lot of civilians live in Bakhmut, despite the daily shelling and attacks.

According to the ex-commander of the Azov regiment, Major Maxim Zhorin, the city is controlled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. There is no problem to drive in or out, carry out an evacuation, bring up a BC or any other necessary things. However, one of the parts of the city where street fighting continues has been completely destroyed.

"Of course, the part of the city that is located on the side of the river where street fighting is taking place has already been destroyed and completely destroyed. And little by little they are trying to move this fire closer to the city center. And realizing this, in the city itself everything is already absolutely ready for possible street fights throughout the city, “added Maxim Zhorin.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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