Liverpool's rivals 'take advantage' of their crisis. 'I fight', a victim almost in addition.

Liverpool's rivals 'take advantage' of their crisis. 'I fight', a victim almost in addition.

Luis Díaz takes a new breath with the Colombian National Team, in the midst of the crisis he is experiencing with Liverpool in England.

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The Guajiro arrives as one of the key men for the friendlies that Néstor Lorenzo's team faces in the United States, against Guatemala and Mexico. the national jersey.

In fact, before joining the rally, he was seen walking around New York with his wife and daughter.

Even so, in the midst of so much joy, the hard moment that his club is going through catches up with him again.

And everything, for a spicy provocation that former Everton player James McFadden and 'toffee' defender Nathan Patterson seemed to make to him in recent days.

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'Have you already let Luis Díaz out of your pocket?'

Liverpool's rivals 'make the most of' their crisis. 'Lucho', a victim almost to boot.

In the recording of the moment, which was broadcast on British media, McFadden, today a commentator, asks Patterson, while pointing his pocket:

Did you let Luis Diaz out after the game or is he still in there?“,

“He's still there,” Patterson replied with a laugh.

Then, in the full video, the Everton defender comments: “To be fair, it was a good game and he was a tough opponent.”.

He's a great player and he's at a big club, it's obviously a challenge for me to see what I can do and nullify his threats. I feel like I did it”, he added about 'Lucho' after that goalless draw between Everton and Liverpool, in the last edition of the Merseyside classic twenty days ago.

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