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nB sq Liverpool’s plan for Harvey Elliott as teenager scores once more for Blackburn - The Times Hub

Liverpool’s plan for Harvey Elliott as teenager scores once more for Blackburn

Liverpool’s plan for Harvey Elliott as teenager scores once more for Blackburn

There appears to be little stopping Harvey Elliott’s speedy rise to Premier League stardom.

The 17-year-old midfielder – on mortgage at Blackburn from guardian membership Liverpool – was at it once more on Wednesday.

Elliott has been in breathtaking kind for the Championship membership since transferring to Ewood Park in October.

And he produced a shocking strike on his newest outing to recommend he’s greater than able to make the step up again at Anfield.

With Blackburn two targets down at residence to Watford, Elliott arrived late onto the scene from the right-hand facet of the field, earlier than accumulating a unfastened ball and firing it into the roof of the web.

Harvey Elliott has been impressing within the Championship forward of his Liverpool return
(Picture: Craig Galloway/ProSports/REX/Shutterstock)

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It gave his facet a well timed increase, halving the deficit to Watford simply earlier than half-time, although they could not cease the Hornets ultimately successful the tie by three targets to 2.

Elliott’s contribution, although, was simply one other indication of better issues to return.

Blackburn’s talisman

Liverpool’s plan for Harvey Elliott as teenager scores once more for Blackburn

Elliott was on course in Blackburn’s defeat to Watford on Wednesday
(Picture: Craig Galloway/ProSports/REX/Shutterstock)

Elliott’s effort took his tally to 5 targets this season.

Hardly a startling quantity, however sufficient to place him second in struggling Blackburn’s listing of prime goalscorers within the marketing campaign to this point, behind solely main striker Adam Armstrong, who’s out in entrance on 20.

And Armstrong would maybe have a couple of targets much less to his title had Elliott not been a part of his provide line.

The teenager has racked up 9 assists – the joint-leading quantity for the division.

When you think about the opposite gamers on that determine: Ivan Toney, Emi Buendia, Michael Olise; have been linked with Premier League golf equipment, Elliott’s in good firm.

The opposite star on the identical quantity is Harry Wilson, who was on the fringes of the primary workforce at Liverpool, and his numbers match as much as Elliott – although its necessary to contemplate he’s six years his senior with much more soccer underneath his belt.

Liverpool’s plan for Harvey Elliott as teenager scores once more for Blackburn

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It has been an especially attention-grabbing begin to the season for Jurgen Klopp’s males.

They received their title defence off to a shaky begin as they edged out a seven-goal thriller towards Leeds, earlier than happening to conceded seven in a hammering by Aston Villa.

Virgil van Dijk’s season was ended by damage within the 2-2 draw at Everton, leaving the title favourites trying far much less safe on the again – particularly with Alisson’s damage worries too.

However there is no slowing down in what’s going to be a busy marketing campaign – with Klopp guaranteeing his males proceed at full tempo as they bid for extra title glory.

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That is Elliott’s first actual common run in a senior facet, and he has proven loads of promise.

He has created 38 possibilities (by way of BBC ) for his facet this season – not fairly the identical as Buendia (76) – however a determine to pitch him properly among the many pack chasing behind.

Not solely that, however he has made extra passes than some other participant in his workforce; a top quality which is able to little doubt please Jurgen Klopp in his fixed quest for his facet to take better management of matches, with Elliott now in line for a extra pivotal position.

“He’s only a improbable expertise,” Blackburn boss Tony Mowbray advised the Athletic. “He’s 17, however there are 17-year-olds and 17-year-olds and Harvey is unbelievable.

“It’s unfathomable to me that, in 5 years, he’ll nonetheless be in his early twenties and he may have performed 250 video games by then. What a pleasure he’s.”

Liverpool’s plan

Liverpool’s plan for Harvey Elliott as teenager scores once more for Blackburn

Jurgen Klopp has a long-term plan for Elliott’s growth
(Picture: REUTERS)

It was very important for Elliott to exit and get a really feel of being an expert footballer week-in, week-out.

Once you take a look at how Chelsea’s Mason Mount kicked on after his spell at Derby, the expertise can show invaluable.

As Elliott mentioned in October: “I spoke with the gaffer earlier than I made the choice and he mentioned this was the perfect factor for my profession and to go and categorical myself and present individuals who I’m.

“All of the teaching employees have been very optimistic and mentioned they’d help me all the way in which, so for them to say ‘go and luxuriate in your self and the expertise’ I feel it made it so much higher.”

And Klopp and his workforce have at all times been eager to get Elliott concerned, however solely when the time was proper.

Talking when Elliott indicators professional phrases with the membership final July, Klopp mentioned: “What’s important – so necessary – is that he’s given time and house to develop. He’ll get that from us.

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“He must be allowed to make errors whereas he learns and never really feel extra stress than is true and truthful.

“He’s younger and he’s within the early levels of his growth nonetheless.

“What’s nice is that he has the right tradition right here and we are going to defend him. The senior gamers and the coaches actually care about him and are as excited as I’m about his future.”

Since then, Liverpool’s No.2, Pep Lijnders mentioned simply earlier than Christmas: “I miss him! I’d have liked to proceed working with him, nevertheless it’s a superb resolution after all as a result of he can play many video games and he can present what he’s actually about.”

That subsequent stage for Elliott is now certainly simply not far away.

At Blackburn he has been used as one of many three forwards of their entrance line – a place Liverpool are in want of just a little spark in reserve.

Xherdan Shaqiri and Divock Origi are each anticipated to maneuver on this summer time, leaving gaps in Klopp’s squad.

Liverpool’s plan for Harvey Elliott as teenager scores once more for Blackburn

{The teenager} can now make a first-team spot his personal subsequent season
(Picture: Liverpool FC by way of Getty Photographs)

Whether or not they do or not can be as a lot right down to the work of Liverpool’s sporting director, Michael Edwards, as anything, given the membership have tried to dump each gamers on multiple event beforehand.

However nevertheless it pans out, Elliott appears sure for a better position within the first-team set-up.

You solely have to take a look at Liverpool’s rivals to see that now’s the time to launch the shackles off the teenager and let him into the limelight.

Man Utd handed 17-year-old Shola Shoretire his debut this week, whereas Jamal Musiala has been beginning repeatedly for Bayern Munich.

And when he returns to Liverpool in the summertime, Elliott can proceed his growth and, in related vogue to Curtis Jones, make the transition into first-team squad member subsequent season.

He can be the right choice to fill in for Mohamed Salah on the uncommon events when the Egyptian is substituted, not accessible or is rested within the much less necessary fixtures.

Though hat may properly be much more subsequent season, with the African Cup of Nations due originally of 2022, that means Salah can be away on obligation for anyplace between 3-6 weeks.

Liverpool’s followers have already taken to Elliott’s expertise, because the teenager has to their help.

“I simply cannot wait to provide all the pieces again to them and simply to indicate them what I can do,” he mentioned.

Do not be shocked if that chance comes sooner, quite than later.

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