Liverpool is looking for its first victory in the Lioga Premier 2022-2023. 

Liverpool, which occupies 16th place in the Premier League, faces Bournemouth this Saturday, in search of a victory that gives him peace of mind, with the ownership of the Colombian, Luis Díaz, who scored the first goal.

Díaz, at minute 3 of the match, scored with a header and opened the scoring, giving calm to the club, which did not has been able to win, after three days.

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Luis Díaz, great match, goal and figure in Liverpool's win Luis Díaz puts Liverpool to victory against Bournemouth, LIVE

The great goal

It is the second goal for the striker from Guajiro this season that starts, after having scored in the 1-1 with the Crystal Palace.

Luis Díaz had been receiving criticism for his performance, the same as Liverpool, since they have not won in the tournament.

The truth is that the start of the group was not the best. They had just equalized with Fulham, with Palace and when they thought they would beat Manchester United, which had not had a good start in the Premier either, they fell 2-1 .

This was the goal

And at minute 40 of the second half he scored the second.