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ic LO Liverpool in 26 letters - The Times Hub

Liverpool in 26 letters

Liverpool in 26 letters

The squaring of the white triangle

Few clubs in Europe have kept their history alive as Liverpool FC. From the legend of its stadium, Anfield, to the greatness of its footballers, through the epic of its technicians and without forgetting the two tragedies that shook its fans at two specific moments and that remain in the memory over time. . A review of its 128 years of life in 26 letters reveals the greatness of this English club.

A of Anfield

Stadium built in 1884 that had Everton as its first tenant until 1982 that became the home of Liverpool FC. In 1928 it underwent its first major remodeling with the expansion of Tea Kop, its most mythical stand, to the capacity of 30,000 fans. In 1952, against Wolwerhampton, it recorded its highest attendance of spectators: 61,905. In 1957 the lighting was inaugurated. It hosted matches of Euro 96.

B de Benítez

He managed Liverpool between 2004 and 2010 (350 games) and won a Champions League and a European Super Cup (2005); a Cup and an English Super Cup (2006). In 2007 he lost the Champions League final against Milan. His team of collaborators was also Spanish: Paco Herrera, Ayestarán, Ochotorena, Paco de Miguel, Miguel Gómez, Xavi Valero …

C, for the boot room

The legendary The Boot Room was a small room in Anfield where the boots were kept of the players and in which the team's technicians met before and after each game. The story goes that it was Bill Shankly, at the beginning of the 60s, the precursor of the idea and within those minimum four walls tea, beer and whiskey were drunk with a single topic of conversation: football. With the passage of time it was also used as a fourth to invite the coach of the opposing team after the matches

D of Dalglish

As a player he was from 1977 to 1990 (542 games, 172 goals) and won, among other titles, three cups of Europe, six Leagues and a Cup. As a coach he lived two stages. From 1985 to 1991 (307 games) and a second from January 2011 to greater than 2012 (74). In total he won three Leagues and two Cups

E of Istanbul

The final of the finals. Or the miracle of Istanbul. Liverpool were proclaimed European champions after going into halftime losing 3-0. Maldini and Crespo, two goals, overtook Milan and in the second half the Benitles equalized in 15 minutes with goals from Gerrard, Smicer and Xabi Alonso. After a futile extra time, Dudek saved two penalties to Pirlo and Shevchenko and his team was proclaimed champion.

F from Fagan

One of the four technicians who is happy to have won a European Cup. Arrived in 1958 to be part of Shankly's technical team, in the 83-84 season he replaced Bob Paisley and had the opportunity to be head coach. He won the triple crown: European Cup, League and Cup and retired the following season after the tragedy of Heysel.

G de Gerrard

The last great product of the quarry. In 17 seasons (1998-2015) he played 710 games and scored 186 goals. He won 11 titles: 1 Champions, 1 UEFA Cup, two European Super Cups, two Cups, two English Super Cups and three League Cups. Only the Premier resisted him. A banner for Anfield.

H for Heysel and Hillsborough Heysel, death live

The two most tragic moments in the club's history. At the Heysel stadium in Brussels, incidents leading up to the 1985 European Cup final between Liverpool and Juventus killed 39 fans. The match was played and ended with an Italian victory (1-0). UEFA sanctioned Liverpool with a 10-year suspension to play European competitions. Finally, the punishment stayed in six seasons. Four years later, at Hillsborough Stadium in Liverpool-Nottingham Forest, 96 Liverpool fans were killed, most of them crushed against the fences of the field after an avalanche.

I by Ian Rush

The Welsh forward holds the title of top scorer of the club history with 346 goals in 660 games. He also holds the record for one season: 47 at 83-84. It was dressed in a network in two stages. From 1980 to 1987. He went to Juventus and returned to the following season to complete eight seasons, until 1996. He was Golden Boot in 1984.

J by Jurgen Klopp

He completes his sixth season and two great successes contemplate his English adventure. He won the sixth European Cup in 2019, having lost the final in Kiev the previous year to Real Madrid and last season he won the Premier after 30 years without his club winning the regularity tournament. In addition, a European Super Cup and a Club World Cup.

K by Kevin Keegan

One of the legends of the 70s. In six years, before being transferred to Hamburg, he won one European Cup, two UEFA Cups, three Leagues, one Cup and two English Super Cups. Halfway between devilish dribbling winger and scorer center forward (68 goals in 230 games). He won two Ballons d'Or, but already in Hamburg (1978 and 79). Liverpool


Founded in 1892, it is the second most successful club in England with 64 titles to Manchester United's 66. It has six European Cups, three UEFA Cups, four European Super Cups, one Club World Cup, 19 Leagues, seven Cups, eight League Cups, 15 English Super Cups and one Football League Super Cup.

M from Metropolitano

Stadium in the that on June 1, 2019, Liverpool won their sixth European Cup 14 years later. He defeated Tottenham (2-0). He soon got the game back on track with a penalty scored by Salah after two minutes and Origi signed with two minutes remaining. Along the way, after being second in his group, he eliminated Bayern Munich, Porto and Barcelona.

N by Neal

The player with the most titles in club history, 23: four European Cups, a UEFA Cup, a Super Cup of Europe, eight leagues, four Cups and five English Super Cups. He also holds the record for consecutive games: 417, from October 23, 1976 to September 24, 83. He played every minute of the League and Cup for nine seasons, from 76-77 to 83-84. Owen

The only one to have won the Ballon d'Or as a Liverpool player. Raised in the quarry, where he arrived at the age of 13, he won the award in 2001 ahead of Raúl and Kahn. He was the second youngest player to win it (21 years and 11 months) after Ronaldo. He played seven seasons at Anfield (297 games, 158 goals).

P for Paisley

Bill Shankly's gifted student. Almost 50 years in the club between player, assistant coach and coach. In nine years as top manager, between 1974 and 1983, he won three European Cups, one UEFA Cup, one European Super Cup, six Leagues, three League Cups and six English Super Cups. He was the first coach to win three European Cups and also do it with the same club.

Q, for five hundred

Few clubs can boast of the loyalty of their players. Up to 13 played more than 500 games. Number one is Ian Callaghan (857), followed by Carragher (757), Gerrard (710), Clemence and Hughes (665), Rush (660), Neal (650), Smith (638), Globelaar (628), Hansen (620), Lawler (549), Dalglish (542) and Liddell (534)

Liverpool in 26 letters

Liverpool fans cheer on their team at Anfield in a game against Everton in December 2019 Daniel Chesterton / OffsideR by Robinson

Two seasons (38 matches and eight goals) were enough for Michael to win the admiration of The Kop for his way of defending the colors. In his first year (83-84) he won the European Cup, the final of the Roman Olympic against the host, the League and the League Cup.

S by Shankly

A myth. Coach of coaches. A Scottish visionary who changed the way the team played. He took over in the Second Division and led him to win three Leagues, two Cups, four Super Cups and a UEFA Cup. The longest-serving coach by coaching games: 783 games in 14 years and seven months, from December 1959 to July 1974. His lapidary phrases are part of the history of world football.

T by Toshack

Eight years at Anfield (1970-78 ), 247 games, 96 goals and nine titles, including a European Cup, two UEFA Cups, three Leagues and a Cup. A classic center forward who was a perfect fit in the attacking game of that Shankly team.

U by Underwood

Listed by his coach when he came to the club in 1953 "as the most promising goalkeeper in England", his Liverpool career came to an abrupt end. He accidentally broke the left leg of his teammate Spicer and did not start again.

V by Van Dijk

The Dutch center-back signed on 1 January 2018 from Southampton is the most expensive signing in the club's 128-year life: 78, 8 million euros. Followed by the ranking: Allison (72.5), Keita (52), Benteke (46) and Fabinho (45) .

W William Edward Barclay

Technical Irish went from being the first manager of Everton to the first manager of Liverpool, from February 1892 to August 1996. He was in tandem with John McKenall and he was more in charge of managing the club. He starred in two promotions to First and a relegation

X, by Xabi Alonso

The one from Tolosa is one of the 23 Spanish footballers who has played at least one official match with Liverpool. The arrival of Benítez to the Anfield bench opened the tap and since then Liverpool has been a regular destination for Spanish footballers, some luckier than others. Xabi's travel companions are: Luis García, Josemi, Núñez, Morientes, Reina, Barragán, Miki Roqué, Pacheco, Arbeloa, Torres, Riera, Daniel Ayala, José Enrique, Suso, Luis Alberto, Aspas, Chirivella, Sergi Canós, Manquillo, Alberto Moreno, Adrián and Thiago.

And, for You'll never walk alone

“You will never walk alone”. The song composed for the musical Carousel premiered on Broadway in 1945 was covered in the United Kingdom in 1963 by the group Gerry and Pacemakers and began to be sung by Liverpool fans before starting each game at Anfield until it became their official anthem.

Z from Zimbabwe

The nationality of one of the most eccentric goalkeepers in football history: Bruce Globelaar. Really born in South Africa and who made a career on the banks of the Mersey: 13 seasons with a short loan to Stoke City. His moment of glory was lived in the final of the European Cup in Rome (1984). Before starting the penalty shootout, he began to make all kinds of strange movements to deconcentrate the Roman forwards and he did well. Conti and Graziani missed their shots. Since then he became an idol for Anfield who chanted all his interventions.

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