Liverpool beat Ajax in agony, 2-1, in the Champions League. 

Liverpool beat Ajax 2-1 on Tuesday in the second day of the Champions League, a result that serves to calm the waters momentarily at Anfield after a lopsided 4-1 loss to Napoli on matchday one.

Mohamed Salah opened the scoring (17) and Mohammed Kudus (27) scored a great goal that served to tie the match.

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Despite multiple chances for the Reds, the winning goal was unexpected, with a shot from a corner kick by Joel Matip in the final minutes (89).

The Reds thus achieve their first points in the Champions Leaguethis year and tied on 3 points with the Dutch and provisionally with Naples.

The Italians will play on Wednesday at the home of the Glasgow Rangers the second match of group A, postponed 24 hours due to “serious setbacks in terms of police resources and of organization linked to national mourning” after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The boss

Jurgen Klopphe puffed out his chest, breathed, rested, after several bitter days due to the results in the Premier League and in the Champions League.

The game. “I think if you put the two games together, Napoli and tonight, you don't recognize that it's the same team.”

The worst. “The pressure was much better tonight, it was clear that we had to move on because it was very intense.”

The goal in the throes. “It was a beautiful party and it showed everything the boys wanted. Now, we have a weird break, so we have to hope and pray that they come back healthy. Brighton is waiting”.

To improve. “I'll have to watch it again, you can't dodge all the balls behind, it's always going to happen”.

The learning. “We just don't give all the time, it's about taking a risk and getting back to the way it should have been, that's what we did tonight.”