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September 12, 2021 by archyde


The mayor LR of Antibes Jean Leonetti, responsible for thinking about the separation of the right-wing candidates for the presidential election, assures that “there will be a primary” and warns Xavier Bertrand against any “dissenting candidacy”, in an interview with Figaro published Tuesday. “There will be a primary, whether it is open to activists and sympathizers or limited to activists only,” he says, and if Xavier Bertrand “refuses it, he will appear as a dissenting candidacy”.

“In the interest of all, it is important to continue the dialogue with Xavier Bertrand to convince him to participate in the common procedure”, he adds, assuring that “we are always ready to discuss the modalities with him”. According to Mr. Leonetti, a “totally open” primary, as it appears in the LR statutes, “can no longer take place”. But conversely “nobody imagines that a small political office can appoint a candidate on its own”.

Jean Leonetti therefore pleads “for a primary semi-open to activists and sympathizers”, which offers a stronger base and “creates a campaign dynamic around the candidate”. While the direction of LR is hostile to the idea of ​​a primary, he takes care to specify that “the militants will have the last word” on September 25, in congress.

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