LIVE | Congress debates projects on vacancy and impediments to run for the Presidency

LIVE | Congress debates projects on vacancy and impediments to run for the Presidency

The Constitution Commission has a bill by legislator Carlos Anderson on the agenda to modify the election law.

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LIVE | Congress debates projects on vacancy and impediments to running for the Presidency

Hernando Guerra García is the president of the Parliament's Constitution Commission. Photo: Congress

The Constitution Commission of Congress meets this Wednesday from 9:30 am and has on its agenda the beginning of the debate on the projects that propose to modify the number of votes for the presidential vacancy and the proposal that seeks that those sentenced for homicide and kidnapping cannot apply for the Chair.

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At the beginning of the month, congressman Carlos Anderson (Not Grouped) presented project 2922/2022-CR, which proposes to modify literal i) of article 107 of the Organic Law of Elections regarding the impediments to being candidates for the Presidency or Vice Presidencies.

According to the document, those convicted of homicide in the modalities of simple, aggravated homicide, femicide or violation of personal freedom may not apply in the kidnapping modality, even if they had been rehabilitated.

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In the case of the presidential vacancy, there are two projects, one that seeks to increase the number of votes and the other that proposes to reduce this requirement for the dismissal of the head of state under the cause of permanent moral incapacity.

In addition to these initiatives, The commission chaired by Hernando Guerra García (Popular Force) will also begin the debate on the project that regulates the procedure for the suspension of the Presidency of the Republic.

This working group also has among its projects those presented by Digna Calle and Susel Paredes, who propose cut the parliamentary and presidential mandate for the calling of general elections.