Lithuania staged a commodity “blockade” of Kaliningrad: details

Lithuania staged a commodity “blockade” of Kaliningrad: details

Russia has only one way to receive part of the goods – the maritime

Lithuanian railway company LTG Cargo informed the authorities of the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation that it restricts the passage of goods through the territory of its country. We are talking about sanctioned goods that the Russians managed to smuggle «to the mainland» thanks to the railway connection.

Lithuania has staged a commodity blockade of Kaliningrad : details

The information became known from the governor of the region Anton Alikhanov, who posted an official appeal from the above-mentioned company in his personal Telegram channel. According to preliminary estimates, 40-50% of goods that came to Russia through the territory of Lithuania should fall under the restriction.

The ban was introduced after the appearance of a corresponding explanation from the European Commission. Thanks to him, sanctioned cargo will not be able to get from the Kaliningrad region to other regions of Russia in any other way than by sea. Rail transit of such goods through Lithuania and the territory of other EU countries is now prohibited.

Lithuania staged a commodity

The same document

The only exception will be those goods that were loaded before June 17, when the ban entered into force.

It is reported that the majority of taboo products are various building materials, metal, and concrete.

On Polish television, they began to discuss the issue of «Polish Kaliningrad»

Recall that such difficulties are due to the fact that the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation is the only region of the aggressor country that is territorially located in Europe.

Lithuania has set up a commodity blockade of Kaliningrad: details

This is how the residents of the Kaliningrad region have to fly to Russia

This piece of territory has a border with Lithuania and Poland, and also has access to the Baltic Sea.

Lithuania staged a commodity

Map of the railways of the Kaliningrad region