Lithuania has frozen the assets of Russia and Belarus for more than 100 million euros

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Lithuania froze the assets of Russia and Belarus for more than 100 million euros

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The Financial Crimes Investigation Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lithuania announced that due to international financial sanctions, it had frozen Russian and Belarusian assets worth a total of 103 million euros. This is reported by FNTT.

It is noted that sanctions have been applied to 16 legal entities and individuals. These are nine companies from Russia, as well as 6 legal entities and one individual from Belarus.

The total amount of funds frozen on the accounts of Russian companies is more than 69.51 million euros and 810 thousand dollars. Funds totaling 23.71 million euros and 7.68 million dollars, respectively, were frozen on the accounts of Belarusian companies and individuals.

Funds that were tried to be transferred to Lithuania by persons who fell under the restrictive measures of the European Union were also blocked. .

The amount of such funds in various currencies is more than 1.33 million euros, more than 1.583 million dollars and more than 215 thousand rubles.

BAGNET reminds that Lithuania cancels the residence permits of more than a thousand citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus. Prepared by Serhii Daga