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“Lipa”: Nikita Kiselov presented a track about passionate love that knocks you off your feet

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May28,2024

"Lipa": Nikita Kiselyov presented a track about passionate love that knocks you off your feet

Nikita Kiselov/YouTube

Singer and composer Nikita Kiselov, full of love, presented a playful composition about love “Linden”. The network has already appreciated the new track.

“Lipa” is an anthem of a man in love, who, in a rush of passionate love for a girl, sings about his feelings. Watch the atmospheric video on YouTube.

This expression of emotions is facilitated by the seductive and romantic atmosphere of summer, which intoxicates and makes you fall in love with a girl again and again. Nikita Kiselov sings about the beauty of love in combination with warm evenings and the incredible aroma of a blooming linden tree.

I'm sure that every man knows these emotions when you start to fall in love with a girl you really like. At such moments, you seem to take wings and the whole world around you sings along with you. Likewise, every girl knows that loving and being loved is one of the best feelings in the world, which leads to a smile that does not disappear from the face, the singer shared.

According to the artist, his song “Lipa” inspired by the romance of summer evenings and the passion between partners.

Network reaction:

  • “A wonderful performer, a wonderful song, beautiful Ukrainian nature – what could be better!”< /li>
  • “Nikita has a talent for creating hits. As always beautiful and stylish”
  • “It turned out stylishly) Nice clip) I wish you 10 million views)”
  • “The clip is cool. Some nostalgia flashed by, about a carefree time. Thank you!”
  • “The location is like being transferred to the Windows screensaver of childhood. Very stylish and high-quality clip”
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