Lionel Messi's reaction when he ran into an Argentine at the airport who begged him to win the World Cup

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Lucas Espósito works as a flight dispatcher at El Prat Airport and was in charge of receiving the PSG footballer, who took three days off in Barcelona


Salomón Pineda

Lionel Messi's reaction when he bumped into an Argentine at the airport who begged him to win the World Cup World

PSG granted Lionel Messi three days' leave, although he has already returned to Paris for the last match before the World Cup against Auxerre

Lionel Messi< /b> returned to Barcelona at the beginning of this week to enjoy three days of license granted by Paris Saint-Germain in the run-up to the World Cup Qatar 2022 with the Argentine team. On his way to the municipality of Casteldefels he starred in a particular moment with the prayer of an Argentine for the World Cup.

Lucas Espósito was born in the Buenos Aires town of Lanús, but emigrated to Spain in 2020. There he works as a flight dispatcher and this Monday he had the opportunity to see for the first time once in his life to the Flea. “I knew I'd see him from the day before. I felt totally crazy. While I was writing the departure reports with the names of the passengers, I couldn't believe it”, said the young man who took Messi to the central building of El Prat Airport.

In dialogue With Infobae, he described the first emotions that went through him after seeing the PSG figure on his arrival: “We are waiting for him with a van at the foot of the private plane. When he started to get off the plane, I got excited and started shaking. I couldn't believe I was seeing it.”

Espósito got out of the truck to welcome his star passenger and asked for a photo that he reflected on his personal Instagram accountalong with a single asked: “As soon as he gets off the plane, I greet him, shake his hand and ask him if it was too much trouble to take a picture with me. There I told him: 'Let's go with everything, strength. Let's go for the Cup. He was very pleased. He flashed me a smile and said ‘hopefully’”.

Lionel Messi's reaction when he bumped into an Argentine at the airport who begged him to win the World Cup World

The image uploaded by Lucas Espósito with Lionel Messi

After the three days of leave granted by the French institution, the 35-year-old footballer returned to Paris to return to training. The scenario was far from being like that of the first meeting, with many people who tried to get closer to the Albiceleste benchmark. “I was with him a little while ago, but I couldn't take the picture as I wanted. I don't know if it was because he became so popular and people knew he was going to come. We had to get him on the plane quickly,” the Argentine declared.

“As soon as he got out of the truck, I greeted him and said, 'Good luck. Let's go for the Cup. He smiled at me and got on the plane”, said the employee who, thanks to his work, met different figures from the world of football such as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Neymar, Sergio Busquets and the Manchester City squad.

After this brief dialogue, Lionel Messi returned to France to join the club's training sessions ahead of this Sunday's final match against Auxerre from 9 a.m. (Argentine time) for date 15 of the Ligue 1 in the run-up to what will be the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

This match could be the return of the Argentine after being disaffected from the last 2-1 victory away to Lorient due to physical discomfort made official by PSG in a medical report: < b> “Victim of an inflammation in the Achilles tendon, Leo Messi will remain in treatment as a precaution. He will resume group training next week”.

Christophe Galtier will be responsible for confirming if he will have the author of 12 goals and 14 assists in 18 games of the season with the French team. After this duel, he will travel to Abu Dhabi to present himself on Monday to the training sessions of the Argentine national team for the last preparatory friendly match for the World Cup against United Arab Emirates which will be played on Wednesday 16.

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