“Lionel Messi is going crazy at Barcelona”: the media reports on the disgusting behavior of the Argentine

“Lionel Messi is going crazy at Barcelona”: the media reports on the disgusting behavior of the Argentine

Lionel Messi has long won the status of one of the best players in world football history. At the same time, he had never been seen in any scandals or controversial stories before, apart from the situation with taxes. Meanwhile, recently the Argentine player of Barcelona, as the press writes, seemed to have “gone off the rails” and began to behave simply disgusting.

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It all started with Lionel Messi's decision to leave his current team after a disastrous season. The management of the club, which is quite logical, did not want to part with the main star and refused to terminate the contract unilaterally, and even release the athlete for free, although the corresponding option was provided in his contract. Instead, the administration notified Messi and his agent that he could not just leave and even called a colossal amount of compensation – 700 million euros. The footballer could go to court, but did not begin to arrange public disputes with the club to which he owes almost everything, despite the fact that he already had agreements with the British ManCity and was ready for a new stage in his career.

After that, the previously modest Argentinean seemed to be replaced. At first, the Barcelona forward did not show up for the team's mandatory medical examination, and a day later he missed the first training session under the guidance of a new coach, the Dutchman Ronald Koeman. Moreover, as the Spanish press writes, after the first conversation with the coach, Messi even more wanted to leave the Catalan team. Now the Argentine star is literally going crazy at Barcelona and counting the days until parting with the team.

Tensions with the club's management and the new mentor seem to be making themselves felt. In the very first control meeting against Gimnastika, the Argentinean seriously rude against the opponent's player Javier Ribelles, calling him a “jerk”, as the victim himself told about. “During our skirmish in the game, he told me to stop kicking him and call him a jerk,” Ribelles himself complained.

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