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Soleiman Faqiri was beaten in the head and forced onto his stomach in his cell by six correctional officers at Lindsay Prison in 2016.

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Reports from the prison Lindsay were poorly filled.

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Soleiman Faqiri, 30, who suffered from schizophrenia, died after being beaten by six guards at the prison by Lindsay in 2016.

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A former correctional officer from Lindsay Prison, where inmate Soleiman Faqiri died in 2016, says Ministry of the Solicitor General guidelines are written by officials who have never set foot in a prison facility and that guards fill them with inappropriate way anyway.

Clark Moss claims reports at the East Central Ontario Correctional Center are fraudulently written and if Soleiman Faqiri's assessment had been done correctly, the alarm would have been given in time.

The former correctional officer, who has since changed careers, only met Soleiman Faqiri once, on December 11, 2016. It was a Sunday, he had been in solitary confinement since six days, he remembers.

Mr. Moss, who has been on the job for 30 years, points out that the guards complained about Soleiman because he was in crisis and soiled his cell with his feces.

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He added, however, that staff knew little about the prisoner other than that he had mental health problems.

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Flowers were placed on a photo of Soleiman Faqiri in sign of tribute following his death on December 15, 2016 at Lindsay Prison.

The former sergeant specifies that reports on inmates are completed haphazardly, since it is enough to check boxes for general questions on a computer without necessarily observing the individual in person.

According to him, a duly checked report does not provide an overall portrait of the prisoner.

For example, he questions a staff member who had written a report after seeing Mr Faqiri even though he was not on duty on the day the form was completed.

Mr. Moss said a request was sent to regional management in Kingston to request that Soleiman be moved elsewhere in the correctional center, to clean his cell and send him to the showers.

We were refused our request, he remembers.

I was furious that my judgment.

A quote from Clark Moss, former correctional officer

He claims officers warned him they would refuse to work if action was not taken to help Mr Faqiri by brandishing the prison's occupational health and safety directive. p>

They said the smell was pestilential and bothersome to guards and inmates, he said.

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This is not the first time that the Central East Correctional Center has been the subject of an investigation by the coroner in Ontario. (File photo)

He explains that he went to see Soleiman and was stunned to see the conditions in which he had been left. I was trying to be calm, but I was boiling inside, he recalls.

Mr. Moss feared the worst would happen. I then took matters into my own hands, he said, specifying that he had sent Soleiman to the showers and had his cell cleaned.

The ex-sergeant maintains that he wanted to transfer Soleiman to the ground floor near the infirmary and showers to avoid the stairs when going out. However, there was no more room in the prison, he admits.

He specifies that one prisoner even offered his cell in Soleiman and that he was willing to sign a waiver to be transferred to the general prison population despite the risks he faced because of his criminal past.

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Soleiman Faqiri's cell was in one of the wings of Lindsay Prison reserved for the confinement of prisoners.

Before heading to Soleiman's shower, Mr. Moss said he broke the rules by filming his agents' intervention. I needed proof to show my superiors, he said.

Mr. Moss says urgent action was needed for the safety of the officers and the health of Soleiman, who had rubbed his eyes with his feces.

He assures that the transport took place without any problem.

He became enthusiastic when in contact with the water, he had so much of pleasure.

A quote from Clark Moss about Soleiman Faqiri

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Surveillance video shows a group of officers and a prison director moving Soleiman Faqiri in a wheelchair from his cell to an isolation unit on December 15, 2015.

He states that Soleiman was sent back to his cell and that his neighbors on the floor were so happy to see him that they gave him cookies.

We gave him a Koran, food and his medicine, that's the last time I saw him alive, he said, affirming that Soleiman had not was neither violent nor threatening that day.

Mr. Moss adds that he was furious to learn, four days later, via text message, that Soleiman Faqiri had died in custody.

I was on leave, I sent an email to my superiors by venting my anger.

A quote from Clark Moss

According to him, Soleiman would still be alive if he had been at his post on December 15, 2016, because he knew how to calm him down. I would have done better, I have experience and I know the best practices, he admits

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Faqiri family sues Ontario Solicitor General, former Lindsay prison superintendent and seven correctional officers for $14 million .

Mr. Moss points out that Sgt John Thompson, who wrote the report on the events surrounding Mr Faqiri's death, was not the man for the job that day.

At the time, this officer failed to report that he had hit the inmate in the head.

Mr. Moss points out that he was fuming because prison guidelines further restrict guards who cannot use common sense to defuse a crisis.

Managers are also entangled in their regulations, he adds.

He further confirms that he was reprimanded for filming his actions and for leaving Soleiman Faqiri in the showers for three hours.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">His voice hoarse with emotion, Clark Moss offered his condolences to the Faqiri family after his testimony.

For 7 years I have been unable to communicate with you, I am sorry for your affliction, he concludes.

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