Linda Palma's health condition forced her to leave Noticias Caracol: “It's very sad”

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The presenter said that when she was ready to do her job on the news, higher-ups sent her home

Linda Palma's health condition forced her to leave Noticias Caracol: “It is very sad”

Linda Palma

Linda Palma is one of the most recognized presenters on Colombian television, as well as having been part of several programs, such as '< b>The voice', currently presents the entertainment section of Noticias Caracol.

However, the health of the barranquillera has played against her several times. Just as it happened to her last Friday, when she had to be removed from the news program due to some problems with her throat.

According to what she herself exposed through her social networks, this day he got up very early to go to work on the first broadcast (7 in the morning), but when they arrived they noticed that something strange was happening with his voice.

“I want to tell you that we came for breakfast, I am very excited, I got up early, I came to work on time, I presented ‘Show Caracol’ in the first broadcast. But they just told 'Rochi', that he is aware of everything, that I can't continue presenting… It's very sad, after getting up at 4 in the morning, to arrive at 5 and they tell me no…”, he expressed .

Linda Palma's health condition forced her to leave Noticias Caracol: “It's very sad”

Linda Palma

Hours later, the 37-year-old woman told her community of followers on this social network that her bosses forced her to leave Noticias Caracol, while she improves her health and does not worsen the condition of your throat.

“They sent me home… It's not right for me to present news like this. It doesn't sound good, it doesn't sound believable. I'm going to take care of myself, friends, I did my best. I tried my best to sound very good, however on the air it sounded like ups, downs… I'm going back to my house, see you on Tuesday, friends…”, he added.

In fact, already on Friday night, Linda Palma mentioned that she went to home remedies to be able to heal the problems that afflicted her, because by that time her voice had almost completely disappeared.

“Hey, it's 6:30 in the afternoon. Now yes, I have no voice. Agua-panela…”, he concluded.

Linda Palma's battle against multiple sclerocis

In an interview with Semana, the Atlantic woman recounted several months that, although this was a disease that she had carried with her since 2008, she had not wanted to make it public until the strong relapse that forced her to give an explanation for her absence on the screen.

“At that time I had a very strong relapse that left me out of the air for several months. A lot of false news began to be said on social networks. People began to wonder what happened to him? Why wasn't he back on TV? Will you be pregnant? She Is she dead she? That was one of the reasons why I decided to tell”, said the presenter.

However, after a while, Linda felt that her struggle could help others who were going through the same situation. That was one of the main reasons why she decided to tell.

“The main one maybe that I was able to get ahead and recover 100 percent. I thought it was selfish to keep that to myself. And that I had to tell so many others who lived through something similar to what I had that it is possible to get ahead,” Palma told Semana.

Linda Palma's health condition forced her to leave Noticias Caracol: “It's very sad”

It is no secret to anyone that this illness that the Colombian is going through has brought her very difficult times, but despite this she has always tried to see the bright side of things and always get that desire to get ahead.

“I have pure love for life. Pure survival instinct. I have not fainted because I am clear that I still have many things to live for. I'm not going to give up so fast. I don't have that in my head. I fall and try again. What I have is the pure desire to live (…) Of course I have had moments in which I felt fear, anguish, I did not know where to turn. But I came out victorious and thanking everything. Today I get up and do things and say 'wow, thank you my God for walking, for living,'” he said.