Lincoln Corsair 2023 rock shown on teaser

Lincoln Corsair 2023 rock shown on teaser

Lincoln released a single teaser image of the updated Corsair 2023 ahead of its debut on the 12th of September.

The teaser doesn't reveal much. Everything that shows wine is true – the front panel of the poshlyahovik has been updated, as it includes some changes in the daylight running lights and headlights. Lincoln describes it as a “fresh look at a known disguise”, what is good for us, the shards of the current Corsair, to finish the garni for the poshlyahovik.

Lincoln Corsair 2023 rock teased

Having missed the teaser in Photoshop and having made a little of it brighter, it turns out, nib Lincoln saw additional light, tinted right under the headlights on the current Corsair, which, ymovirno, brought it to a clean and modern look. If you don’t see anything in this teaser, it’s also allowed that Lincoln made some changes to the front grille of the zashlyahovik.

The next few details about the Lincoln Corsair 2023 are out of the blue. Vtіm, it is fair to admit that the automaker also adds the rear part with updated rear lights and a new bumper. You can also make some changes to the interior of the post-shuffler, so that you can make it even more refined, lower the current model.

Lincoln Corsair 2023 rock shown in teaser

Details of the power unit are still unknown, but we suspect that customers will have access to those same options that the 2022 rock will have, and same: 2.0-liter turbocharged chotiricyl-cylinder engine, 2.3-liter turbocharged engine and 2.5-liter hybrid that connects to the electrics. you can see the tightness of 266 k.s. and equipped with a battery with a capacity of 14.4 kW/year. The inline Corsair PHEV is also equipped with an electric CVT PowerSplit to power all four wheels.

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Be aware that Buick is also releasing an electric version of the Corsair. Letting the cob of 2021 let it go, which car will ride on a special EV platform and be at the Ford plant in Oakville, Canada from 2026.