“Limitless”, the new Disney+ series that subjects Chris Hemsworth to extreme challenges

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Directed by Darren Aronofsky, the Thor actor swam through icy waters and underwent a survival experience. Infobae spoke with both.


By < /p>Ronen SuarcJournalist from New York

“Limitless”, the new Disney+ series that subjects Chris Hemsworth to extreme challenges

Chris Hemsworth and Darren Aronofsky at the Limitless premiere. Photo: Dipasupil Day/Getty Images via AFP

:Six chapters, the six keys to a long life and, fundamentally, six ways to fight against the passage of time: that is the proposal -and that is how it is structured- Limitless, the new series that starring Chris Hemsworth and directed by Darren Aronofsky.

“Shock”, “Strength”, “Stress Test”, “Memory”, “Fasting” and “Acceptance” are the titles of the episodes that make up this Disney + mega-production(National Geographic collaboration). He sets out to show the viewer that it is possible to challenge the limits of the human body itself.

Australian actor who became a Marvel star after embodying the character of Thor and the American nominated for “Best Director” at the Oscar Awards 2011 for his work in Black Swan, together spoke with Infobae.

A far cry from the hallmark character of the hammer, who gains supernatural strength and flies through the air firing reckless bolts at his enemies, Limitless focuses on strictly human issues. Specifically, in the physical and mental condition of the organism. “It was challenging and very demanding, but I'm glad I did it,” Hemsworth said, summarizing his latest work.

Among the most extreme activities he carried out are swimming in the frozen waters of an arctic sea, dangerous climbs, a survival experience in nature and even the use of technology to make his youngsters feel eighty-something years old 39.< /p>

What was initially planned as a three-week recording project ended up being carried out in three years, mainly as a result of the pandemic, and disrupted the original script. “There was a lot of improvisation. With COVID-19, many plans changed and we reconfigured our ideas. For example, there was a scene with seals that we were going to film in the United States and we had to go find a place to do it in Australia,” Aronofsky said of the kitchen on the show.

In addition, about behind the scenes, he revealed that it was considered as one of the possibilities that the Australian actor faced a horse. “It would have been nice, but cruel,” he said, laughing.

“Limitless”, the new Disney+ series that subjects Chris Hemsworth to extreme challenges

Limitless premiered on November 16. (Dipasupil Day/Getty Images via AFP)

Thanks to the influence of his father, a science teacher who instilled in him the profession as a child, the renowned film director trained in the field of biology and found in this production the perfect conjunction between his two great passions.

He had already directed One Strange Rock, also for National Geographic, and this time he specifically targeted physical abilities, but also mental ones. This was stated by Hemsworth: “It's all about the discipline that one has, the resilience and the ability to smile in the face of adversity.” Among these adversities, in addition to many others that have arisen throughout these three years, a fractured ankle that he suffered when jumping from a rock stands out.

On the other hand, the Australian actor highlighted two main issues, in line with the motto of this television production that aims to publicize techniques to prolong people's lives: “Today I sleep better and my way to handle stress is better. Now I understand why I do certain things, it's not that I do them just because. They are all positive things, ”he acknowledged.

The result is positive, although the feelings experienced throughout the process have not always been like this, especially in the most extreme challenges. “It took me out of my comfort zone and brought out my fears,” he admitted.

In short, two of the most recognized characters in the world of cinema came together to shape a product whose main focus is health and which is captivating due to the great level of difficulty of some of the challenges and the impressive landscapes in which it is recorded. Impressive.

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