Lilia Paredes remains silent in summons from the Prosecutor's Office for investigation of Pedro Castillo

Lilia Paredes remains silent in summons from the Prosecutor's Office for investigation of Pedro Castillo

The first lady arrived at the Public Ministry as a witness, accompanied by her lawyer Benji Espinoza.

    Lilia Paredes remains silent when the Prosecutor's Office summons Pedro Castillo for investigation

    Accompanied by her lawyer, Benji Espinoza, First Lady Lilia Paredes attended the prosecution/

    The First Lady Lilia Paredes went to the National Prosecutor's Office on Monday, which summoned her as a witness in the ongoing investigation against President Pedro Castillo< b> and Minister Geiner Alvarado for alleged criminal organization, among other crimes. During the diligence, the president's wife took advantage of her right to remain silent.

    Sources from the Public Ministry told El Comercio that the diligence will be in charge of the provisional supreme prosecutor Marco Huamán of the Illicit Enrichment and Constitutional Complaints Area, which is investigating the alleged irregularities in works tendered in the Municipality of Anguía (Cajamarca).

    Benji Espinoza, Paredes Navarro's lawyer, confirmed to this newspaper that the first lady will attend the summons and will do so as a “witness” and that she will accompany her to diligence.

    Yenifer Paredes, sister of the first lady, is serving preventive detention for 30 months after being investigated as part of the organization criminal.

    As recalled, Castillo Terrones and Alvarado López are being investigated for the alleged crime against public tranquility, in the form of criminal organization.

    According to the investigations by the Prosecutor's Office, the alleged criminal organization is being investigated for having used front companies to be in charge of formulating technical files and subsequent execution of works in Cajamarcar and Chachapoyas.

    In said criminal network, indicated the Public Ministry, the first lady would have acted as coordinator since she would have been the one who informed the president of the republic Pedro Castillo Terrones about the projects that have been negotiated and, in collusion with the former Minister of Housing, Geiner Alvarado López, included them in the emergency decrees that are promulgated and published.