Lilia Paredes coordinated a criminal network with permission from Pedro Castillo, according to the prosecution

Lilia Paredes coordinated a criminal network with permission from Pedro Castillo, according to the prosecution

Disposition ● A special team of prosecutors formalized a preliminary investigation against the first lady and her brothers Yenifer, David and Walter for allegedly colluding in public works in municipalities.< /h2>

  • Yenifer Paredes: preventive detention hearing will be this Sunday, August 21
  • Yenifer Paredes: brothers Hugo and Anggi Espino were released this Friday

Lilia Paredes coordinated criminal network with permission of Pedro Castillo, according to prosecutor

The accusations of the Prosecutor's Office directly involve the president and his closest family environment. Composition: GEC

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The Special Team of Prosecutors against the Corruption of Power (EEFCP) formalized a preparatory investigation against the first lady Lilia Paredes Navarro and her brothers < b>Yenifer, Walter and David Paredes Navarro for the crime of criminal organization (article 317 of the Penal Code), according to a tax provision to which El Comercio had access.

In the case of the first lady, the document indicates that she coordinated the alleged criminal network “with knowledge and consent of her husband”, President Pedro Castillo, who, due to his high position, is being investigated by the National Prosecutor's Office.

The facts of the preparatory investigation are related to an alleged agreement with officials to direct public works in municipalities through the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation when it was in charge of Geiner Alvarado, current head of Transport and Communications who is also investigating the Public Prosecutor's Office. the Nation (yesterday he testified for six hours before the Public Ministry).

The investigation of the Paredes brothers, which will be for 36 months, includes José Nenil Medina, mayor of Anguía (Chota, Cajamarca), where President Castillo's house is, as well as mayors César Castillo Cabrera (Chadín, in Chota) and Víctor Raúl Culqui Puerta (from Chachapoyas, Amazonas).

The provision maintains that the alleged network, which also includes high-ranking officials such as Castle, it would have “favored and managed to get more than 6 million soles in public works for various district municipalities, such as Anguía, Chachapoyas, Chadín and Cajatambo”.

The brothers Hugo and Anggi Espino Lucana are also being investigated for the crime of criminal organization. However, as this newspaper reported in yesterday's edition, both have made a sincere confession and are now free.

On Tuesday the 9th, the special team of prosecutors and an elite group of police officers preliminarily detained the Espino brothers and Mayor Medina for 10 days as part of a request approved by a court.

Yenifer Paredes, for whom the order was also requested, surrendered to justice the following day.

Yesterday, the prosecution presented a request for 36 months of preventive detention for Yenifer Paredes and Mayor Medina for the money laundering process, another crime for which he is being investigated. The hearing will be held tomorrow.

—Role of first lady—

About Lilia Paredes, the prosecutor's provision indicates, regarding the crime of criminal organization, that she fulfilled the role of coordinator of the criminal network “to make viable, finance and expedite public investment projects related to the execution of works in the different subnational government entities”, through his sister Yenifer Paredes and, as we pointed out at the beginning of this note , “with the knowledge and permission” of the Head of State.

It also indicates that Lilia Paredes carried out “coordination and agreement actions with the other members of the criminal organization from the initial stages of the criminal plan to the execution and realization of acts that constitute crimes.”

—Espino's confession—

The prosecution document includes the statements that Hugo Espino made on the 14th of this month, while he was detained.

The businessman stated that on August 14, 2021, two weeks after Castillo assumed the presidency, he met with Lilia and Yenifer Paredes at the Government Palace. In this meeting, Yenifer Paredes told him that “they needed a cell phone chip in the name of a third person for use by the coordinator of the criminal organization, Lilia Paredes Navarro, since they feared being intercepted or, in their words, chuponeada”.

Likewise, Espino declared that Yenifer Paredes would have coordinated with her sister Lilia, and this in turn with President Castillo, to accelerate the execution of a work in Chadín. Also that Yenifer Paredes asked him to coordinate with the mayor of Chachapoyas. In addition, he declared that the money given to him by David Paredes, brother of the first lady, for a sanitation project in Chadín “would come” from Lilia Paredes.

Yesterday, during an activity at the Government Palace, Castillo stated: “Today, I'm sure they want to set up a request to prevent my wife from leaving the country. I must tell you that she is willing in the next few hours to hand over her own passport to show that she is not going to leave the country at any time and has to submit, not only to justice, but to prove her innocence ”< /i>.

Other crimes

The team of prosecutors also formalized a preliminary investigation for the mayors Medina, Castillo and Culqui, as co-authors of the crime of aggravated collusion in a criminal organization.

The same type of investigation was ordered for Yenifer, David and Walter Paredes Navarro, as well as Hugo and Anggi Espino Lucana and their company Destcon, as co-perpetrators of the crime of money laundering.