Lilia Paredes admits to the prosecution that she did know Hugo Espino | REPORT

Lilia Paredes admits to the prosecution that she did know Hugo Espino | REPORT

The First Lady is facing a 36-month request to prevent her from leaving the country, claiming against her that she is part of a criminal organization. Espino, for his part, points out that he sent messages and photos to Castillo's wife during the electoral campaign.

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Lilia Paredes admits to the prosecutor that she did know Hugo Espino | REPORT

Lilia Paredes and Hugo Espino already knew each other before the first was first lady, according to their statement before the Prosecutor's Office.

First Lady Lilia Paredes admits to the prosecution that she did know Hugo Espino Lucana, businessman subjected to a sincere confession process in the investigation into a criminal organization that would have entrenched itself in the Government of Pedro Castillo for the irregular bidding for works in Cajamarca and Chachapoyas.

According to the statement made by President Castillo's wife, she said that Espino was “a friend” you met in January 2021.

“As our town is very small, we all know each other and when I was going to my district to do some shopping, there I met this engineer (Espino),” he replied according to the document of his interrogation accessed by El Comercio.

The first lady faces a request to prevent her from leaving the country for 36 months, as she is being investigated for the alleged crimes of criminal organization and money laundering. The prosecution points her out as the alleged “coordinator” of the criminal network in charge of facilitating and expediting the technical files of the works.

In the fiscal document, which is in the hands of the Special Team against the Corruption of Power, Paredes Navarro affirmed that the visits she received in her capacity as first lady were carried out in her office; while her personal ones in the presidential residence.

Lilia Paredes admits to the prosecution that she did know Hugo Espino | REPORT

Castillo's wife also assured that no record is kept of visits of a personal nature.

“Regarding visits of a personal nature, is there a record? No, there is an additional door that is purely for my family's income, and my family or some acquaintances visit me there, and there is no record of said visits,” he said when asked by the prosecution.

Lilia Paredes admits to the prosecution that she did know Hugo Espino | REPORT< /p>

The meetings with Espino

Paredes indicated that Espino Lucana came to the Government Palace to visit his children and therefore allowed them to enter the Government Palace.

“I have given authorization for engineer Espino to come in to visit my children, since when he has come my eldest daughter is there < b>Yenifer Paredes and he came to see my children,” she declared.

He added that on all the occasions that Hugo Espino attended, he visited his children and his sister Yenifer Paredes was present. He even added that the businessman taught his son because he was preparing for his studies.

He explained that the sister-in-law of the head of state lived in the Palace “until August or September”, but that his stay was not permanent.

As it is recalled, according to the registry of visits to the Government Palace on August 8; and on October 6 and 18, 2021, Espino entered the Palace to meet with the first lady.

Lilia Paredes admits to the prosecution that she did know Hugo Espino | REPORT

However, regarding this, Paredes said that she did not meet with the businessman, but did authorize his entry.

“I only authorized him to enter, but I don't know the reasons”, he referred to these visits.

As it is recalled, Espino Lucana told the tax authorities that he met at the Government Palace with the first lady and Yenifer Paredes to discuss that they would be tendered irregularly in Cajamarca and Chachapoyas.

According to Espino's statement, accessed by this newspaper, he narrated that he met Lilia Paredes at the end of 2020. This, because Yenifer Paredes took him to her house in the town of Chungur where his sister was, her children and also his brother David Paredes, investigated as part of the alleged criminal organization.

He even stated that during the 2021 electoral process, the now detained mayor of Anguía, José Nenil Medina, asked him to support the campaign and that all this was from knowledge of Lilia and Yenifer Paredes.

Nenil asks me to support him in the campaign with the knowledge of Yenifer Paredes and Lilia Paredes, to which I sent photos to Mrs. Lilia's Whatsapp of the campaign activities in my district and in the Center of Lima. So, she told me thank you for the support”, Espino told the Special Team against the Corruption of Power.

This is when the version of the first lady and Espino differ. And it is that, according to the businessman, the visit to the Palace on August 8, 2021 was at the request of Lilia Paredes.

According to what he said, the president's sister-in-law called him to tell him that her sister wanted to talk to him.

In that meeting, it is when Yenifer -in the presence by Lilia Paredes- asks her to get a chip in someone else's name because she was afraid they were sucking her calls.

The same thing happened during the September 2021 visit, in which the businessman said that both Lilia and Yenifer Paredes had summoned him to discuss the Chachapoyas technical file.

On both occasions he entered the interior of the Government Palace through the Puerta de Desamparados.

Lilia Paredes admits to the prosecution that yes. knew Hugo Espino | REPORT