Like a little taste of Boxing Day

Like a little taste of Boxing Day

Several Quebecers were relieved to find a bit of normality with the reopening of shops across the country yesterday and took the opportunity to stock up on products considered non-essential for six weeks.

If we trust the hundred people who lined up in front of the shops of Carrefour Laval with a bag in their hands bearing the image of the store in front of which they were waiting, Santa Claus did not only make people happy during the pandemic.

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Like the day of Boxing Day December 26 had been canceled for public health reasons, many customers took advantage of the day yesterday to exchange or be reimbursed for Christmas gifts and purchases made online.

Like a little taste of Boxing Day

Photo Cédérick Caron

“I’m here to do an in-store trade. It was a Christmas present “to me, from me” that I bought myself before the stores closed. I was told that I had until January 16 to exchange it, but I think I’ll be correct, ”says Nicole Bellemare to justify her presence in the line of the Best Buy store in Center Laval, with an oven microwave in its basket.

On the crowd side, the employees of the shops interviewed by The newspaper speak of above-average ridership on Mondays, but still not as chaotic as during the Post-Christmas sales.

At Carrefour Laval, which has already made the headlines because the health measures linked to the COVID-19 pandemic seemed to be more or less respected, security officers were watching out.

There were five of them just to manage the customers who were patiently waiting in front of the Apple store.

Like a little taste of Boxing Day

Photo Cédérick Caron

Businesses, like this Roots du Carrefour Laval, chose not to open yesterday.

Otherwise, they also watched every entrance to the mall.

All this without counting the employees who managed the flow of customers who wanted to enter or leave certain stores.

Many buyers have pointed out to Newspaper the limits of online shopping to explain their presence in stores.

“The kids needed new mittens and new snow pants. It is not always easy to buy that online, the sizes vary from one store to another, ”laments Maude Gagnon, met at the exit of Walmart in the Chomedey sector, in Laval.

Although far-sighted, Mme Gagnon was fooled by the growth spurt of his two boys aged 7 and 9.

Pierre Asselin and his wife, Lucie Dubeau, lined up in front of a Best Buy to get a new electronic tablet.

Like a little taste of Boxing Day

Photo Cédérick Caron

Pierre Asselin and Lucie Dubeau at Best Buy for a new electronic tablet.

“Ours has broken. It has practically become essential today ”, assures Mme Beautiful.

“We don’t really like shopping online,” adds her boyfriend. When you go to the store, you can ask the seller questions, actually see what the product looks like and touch the product ”.

The opening of shopping centers has also allowed some bored souls to find relatives.

Knowing that he is circumventing the rules, a grandfather crossed at Carrefour Laval did not want to disclose his identity, but still agreed to confide in the Newspaper.

“My wife and I came to find our daughter and her three children. It allows us to see them, then it gives him a hand [à la maman]. It’s not always easy to shop with three little ones who are under 5 years old ”.

This grandfather was not alone. The newspaper found that a few friends had also made a date during the lunch break to window shop and make up for lost time.

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