Lidl launches its first ultra-fast charging station for electric cars at a bargain price

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Lidl launches its very first charging station for electric cars. And inevitably, with Lidl, prices are slashed.

Lidl launches its first ultra-fast charging station for electric cars at a low price

Soon you will be able to charge your Lidl electric car (it also works for all other brands) at a Lidl charging station. It will be accessible from November 21, 2022 in Villefranche-sur-Saône, near Lyon. The first charging station installed by Lidl will host 13 terminals, all powered by solar panels installed on the roof of the adjoining store.

Among the 13 terminals, 8 will deliver a power of 180 kW, 4 of 22 Kw and a terminal will deliver a power of 360 kWh. “ This is one of the most powerful off-motorway charging hubs, open to all, in the south-eastern quarter, welcomes the management of Lidl to the Actu Lyon site. Recharging for 300 km is done between 10 and 20 minutes ». The station will be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Lidl cuts charging prices for electric cars

Lidl cuts prices. True to its reputation, the hard discount specialist offers refills at rates of 0.40 euro/kWh for 360 kW and 180 kW terminals and 0.25 euro/kWh for 22 kW terminals.

For comparison, the recharging on an Ionity terminal costs 0.69 euro/kWh on a 350 kW terminal. Charging at Lidl therefore costs almost twice as much as at an Ionity terminal. On the other hand, if it is a waypoint on a long trip, you have to leave the highway to reach this station.

Of course, Lidl's objective is not to come and compete with companies like Ionity or Fastned. The charging station acts as a loss leader to bring drivers to the store.

Once there, they can go to the store while charging to buy a coffee or some food products, like a motorway store. But cheaper (even).

Lidl already offered charging points in its car parks. But these were isolated terminals, limited to a power (at best) of 120 kW, and in limited numbers. The Villefranche-sur-Saône charging point is therefore the company's first real charging station.

Lidl is not the only retailer to adopt this strategy. Géant Casino, which already offered stations with 13 terminals, signed a partnership with Tesla for the installation of Superchargers in the car parks of 31 stores.

Carrefour also launched Carrefour Energies in April 2022, a charging stations for electric cars in all of the group's supermarkets. The distributor plans to install 5,000 charging points in France by 2025.

After having fought a battle with their stores, distributors are therefore embarking on a new battle. The big winner will certainly be consumers: as the installation of charging stations for electric cars explodes, this strong competition could bring down the prices of charging, which are currently very high. We can dream.