Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

Lich-Barber trial: Crown to address conspiracy charge against defendants

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Lawyers Diane Magas (left) and Lawrence Greenspon (right) with Chris Barber (recessed center). (Archive photo)

The Canadian Press

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The Crown will present its arguments Thursday at the criminal trial of two of the truckers' convoy leaders to explain why the evidence against one of the protest organizers should apply to the other.

Tamara Lich and Chris Barber are co-accused for their roles in the 2022 demonstration that blocked streets around Parliament Hill for weeks in Ottawa to protest the public health restrictions related to COVID-19.

The Crown alleges the two accused worked together so closely that they should be considered accomplices during the trial.

Ms. Lich's lawyers and Mr. Barber have objected to this allegation and assert that planning a protest together is not illegal in itself.

However, prosecutors argue that the fact that the demonstration was not violent does not make the organizers' actions lawful.

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The Crown closed its case last week, but the defense seeks a ruling on the allegation of conspiracy before presenting evidence.

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