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Liberal MP apologizes for link between Poilievre and Winnipeg shooting

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Liberal MP for Fleetwood-Port Kells, Ken Hardie.

The Canadian Press

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A Liberal federal MP from the Vancouver region apologized Tuesday on social media for suggesting a possible link between comments by Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre and the deadly shooting that occurred this weekend in Manitoba.

In a written post Monday, MP Ken Hardie, who represents the federal riding of Fleetwood–Port Kells, noted that the shooting that left four people dead in Winnipeg on Sunday morning was more than disturbing.

He also wondered if this event could be linked to the burn everything down attitude that is prevalent in the United States.

On the X network, Mr. Hardie then made reference to the progression of this way of thinking in Canada, linking it directly to Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre. “>During an exchange Tuesday morning with The Canadian Press, the MP reiterated that he did not regret what he wrote and assured that he did not have the ;intended to apologize, but acknowledged he could have used another example to make the same point.

However, a few hours later, his speech changed after a meeting he had with the government leader in the House of Commons, Karina Gould.

After this conversation, Mr. Hardie admitted that his message was inappropriate, clarifying that there was no connection between Mr. Poilievre and the murders in Winnipeg.

There is no link. None at all. And so, in that regard, publishing it that way was completely inappropriate on my part, he admitted in another exchange with The Canadian Press.

I didn't know my message would be understood this way. But you know, these are things that happen with some people. So yes, I apologize.

Even though he apologized Tuesday afternoon, the MP did not delete the initial message.

It's absolutely inappropriate and not something anyone should suggest, regardless of which party, Ms. Gould said during a press scrum Tuesday morning, before his meeting with his liberal colleague.

The police investigation into the shooting which occurred early Sunday morning in downtown Winnipeg is still in its early stages. So far, no arrests have been made and law enforcement is still looking for suspects.

The police do not yet know the motive for these crimes, she said.

With his publication, Mr. Hardie mainly wanted to denounce the attitude of the Conservative Party, which, according to him, creates an environment in which people feel hopeless, he argued.

Mr. Poilievre's spokesperson, Sebastian Skamski, responded in a written statement that Liberal MPs are desperate to make disgusting and outlandish claims to distract attention from the disastrous record of the government.

He called the Liberal approach gutter politics, saying deranged comments like these are not exceptions, but rather the norm. [Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau's entire game plan.

This is the second time in two months that Mr. Hardie has ;apologies for his comments on social media.

Conservative Deputy Leader Melissa Lantsman called Mr. Hardie unbalanced in her own post on social networks Monday, recalling another message published last month by the liberal MP in which he affirmed that the Nazi propagandist Josef Goebbels would be proud of conservative MPs.

Mr. Hardie deleted this post and apologized to the House of Commons.

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