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LG will start producing OLED screens for the iPhone 16 Pro Max before Samsung

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun13,2024

LG will start producing OLED screens for the iPhone 16 Pro Max before Samsung

LG Display received permission from Apple to start mass production of OLEDs before Samsung Display screens for future iPhone 16 Pro Max smartphones, reports The Elec. Last month, both South Korean manufacturers received approval to produce screens for the iPhone 16 Pro.

Although LG Display has a much smaller supply of OLED production capacity compared to Samsung Display, Apple's timely approval will allow the company to reduce break with his countryman, writes The Elec. Due to production problems last year, LG Display started producing new-generation OLED panels later than Samsung Display, so the latter received the bulk of orders from Apple for the supply of screens for the iPhone 15 Pro.

LG Display allocated OLED panels for the production of iPhone three production lines. Another is used for screens for iPad tablets. TheElec reports that LG Display is receiving more orders for OLED panels this year, so it will be difficult for the company to convert its iPad screen production line into an iPhone OLED screen production line, even if Apple increases the number of such orders.

< p>According to the publication, the choice of LG Display as a supplier of screens for iPhone 16 Pro Max smartphones is probably also due to the fact that Apple wants to weaken the position of Samsung Display as the main supplier of OLED screens on the market. However, Samsung has retained its position as the main supplier of screens for other iPhone 16 models.

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