LG was at the center of the scandal over sexist advertising mobile V60

Korean company LG was in the center of a scandal after the release of the new smartphone V60. Many users on the Network suitable spot seemed sexist.

LG оказалась в центре скандала из-за сексистской рекламы смартфона V60

LG V60 is the flagship smartphone with two displays and advertising devices appeared in TikTok. In the story, an elderly man photographing a girl in a skirt from the back thanks to the second screen, and when it is suitable and wants to rebel, all he sees is a footage of a selfie. Her photographs of the man just left on another display, enjoying their ingenuity. Video released of the Polish division of the brand, however, many Network users outraged by the content. The company began to accuse of sexism and inappropriate attitude to the girls.

In the end, the LG representatives had to publicly apologize. They said that commercial was a third-party company, and representatives of the marketing Department did not check the material properly. It later emerged that the author of the video made no real advertisers, and Prancer under the name sawardega. Subsequently, the material removed from the profile of LG Poland, adding that it does not comply with company policy.

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