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Un Lévis man arrested for defrauding seniors of more than $100,000

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A 56-year-old man was arrested on December 21 and is accused of defrauding more than $100,000 (Archives).

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Éric Desjardins, a 56-year-old man, was arrested on December 21 for fraudulently extorting more than $100,000 from four people. The Lévis Police Department (SPVL) now urges the population to exercise caution.

Following complaints of fraud, the SPVL proceeded to arrest of Éric Desjardins. He appeared for the first time on December 22 and must do so again at the Quebec courthouse on Thursday.

The suspect cheated four elderly and vulnerable people, authorities said.

Mr. Desjardins made friends with the victims and following various stratagems and various lies, he gained the attention and trust of his victims and then extracted a certain amount of money from them, explained Jean-Sébastien Levant, spokesperson for the SPVL.

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Éric Desjardins was arrested on December 21.

We are not talking about love fraud as such. There was truly a bond of friendship and following various stratagems, he extracted several tens of thousands of dollars, he continues.

The SPVL now invites anyone who may have been a victim or witness of reprehensible acts committed by Éric Desjardins to contact the SPVL at 418-832-2911 or the TEL-LIEN line at 418-835-5436.

Fraud is increasing in the Lévis region, prompting the police to appeal for caution.

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Unfortunately people get caught week after week. We can never say enough: you have to be very careful with telephone type fraud, mentions Mr. Levant.

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Telephone fraud schemes are becoming more and more frequent and the SPVL invites the population to be extra careful (Archives).

If in doubt, it is better to check with your financial institution, advises the spokesperson.

If people feel like they might be giving away sensitive information, it's up to them to contact their banking institution directly to ensure the request is legitimate.

Banking institutions will never ask for personal information, either by telephone or directly in person, specifies Jean-Sébastien Levant.

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