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Let's get rid of them immediately: 7 psychological syndromes that can ruin our lives

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul4,2024

>> These psychological syndromes can hinder us in life and at work/freepik

Do you often feel that your life is filled with troubles that seem unexplained? Have you ever considered that the cause of these problems may be psychological phenomena that you may not even know about?

Let's consider some of them that can affect your emotional and mental state. They were told about in the telegram channel “Start Something!” so that we would have something to work on.

1. Watcher's syndrome. This is the behavior of a person who occupies a low position and tries to compensate for his personal problems by giving special importance to his social role.

2. Duckling syndrome. It is an unwillingness to give up the old, even if the new has advantages.

3. White Rabbit Syndrome. Chronic fear of being in a hurry or not being on time.

You may have a chronic fear of not being in time/Photo prostooleh

4. The “monk for three days” syndrome. The habit of quitting halfway through.

5. Dorian Gray syndrome. Disorder when a person exaggerates the cult of youth and falls into an ideal appearance.

6. Monday syndrome. Anxiety before the start of the work week, accompanied by physical and emotional symptoms.

7. Impostor syndrome. Belief that achievement is the result of chance and not personal effort.

These psychological phenomena can have a significant impact on our emotional and mental health. By recognizing them and understanding their impact, we can better manage our lives and reduce the amount of trouble we face.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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