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Léna Situations: the influencer at the heart of a controversy, she breaks the silence

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun27,2024

After publishing a story calling for vote against the RN, Léna Situations wasé accused to have been paid to take a position. She finally responded in the best possible way.

Léna Situations: the influencer at the heart of a controversy, she break the silence

Léna Situations and hateful and misogynistic comments on Twitter

Notoriety does not only have good sides, quite the contrary. Because each position taken, media release or even a simple publication on the networks acts like a gigantic sounding board. The world of influencers is not spared. And when the community Twitter gets involved, things can quickly get out of hand, especially since the takeover of the blue bird by Elon Musk, who opened the doors “” freedom of absolute expression», in her words.

Léna Situations, one of the biggest French influencers, is not spared from certain misogynistic or hateful comments. In January, she was lynched after making a video alongside singer M.Pokora. During the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, it was on her physique that she was attacked. after wearing a dress revealing her legs. We also remember the harassment of which she was a victim a few years ago and the threats which weighed on her family.

Léna Situations: the influencer at the heart of a controversy, she breaks the silence

Léna Situations creates controversy after taking a political position

This time, it is on a completely different ground that she attacks. It all started when shecalled &àgrave; “vote against” the far-right party in the next legislative elections which take place on June 30 and July 7, in an Instagram story . “We will vote against the National Rally on June 30 and July 7.”, she chanted, encouraging her 4.6 million followers to vote. go to the polls to block the RN.

A position which quickly caused an Internet user to react, suggesting that the young woman was paid for push its subscribers to vote. «+ 15,000 € on the account for one more sold» he wrote about this kind of remark, this time she kept in mind; make things clear, denying any attempt to approach any party. «Zero euro because I take the RN for free.»

0€ because I fuck the RN for free

June 25, 2024

This type of comment is appropriate. put back in a context where Influencers seem to be fertile ground for politicians to convey their ideas or influence votes, for a fee. The influencer Jeremstar said: have been approached by a political partyto influence the vote of its subscribers in return for remuneration.“I’ve been canvassing &àgrave; repeatedly by political parties who offered me small remuneration so that I could speak about their ideas, their program,” he revealed. a few days earlier.

For his part, Squeezie, who had publicly committed to against the far right, had been criticized by Jordan Bardella denouncing the “positions of multi-millionaire influencers”. Influencers are taking out the banners to call for change. counter the far right. After L Léna Situations and Squeezie, it was Mister V who also positioned himself. The question arises: can this mobilization of Internet celebrities influence the results of legislative elections?

Natasha Kumar

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