Leipzig coach looks away to be German coach

    Leipzig coach looks away to be German coach

    Leipzig (Germany), Apr 3 (dpa) – Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann reaffirms his professional goals at his club, without ruling out “in the distant future” taking over the German national team, he told the newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung “, on the eve of the decisive Bundesliga game at home against Bayern Munich.

    “Of course I want to be at the top of Europe at some point, because I want to win titles and prove myself,” said Nagelsmann in the pre-match interview against the leader of the table.

    However, for Nagelsmann there is no “dream club”, adding that “anyway, everyone knows the ‘best eight’ in Europe.”

    Nagelsmann once again stressed that he signed in Leipzig “consciously” until 2023. “I was not forced to sign” until then, he pointed out. “It may be that at some point an interesting club asks, but that will not make me lose sight of my current job,” he acknowledged.

    The Saxon club coach added that his willingness to continue does not mean that he will fulfill all the contracts of his career, but that there has to be a consensus between the parties, that is, a clause or a termination agreement. “If there isn’t, there isn’t,” he claimed.

    Nagelsmann has repeatedly been linked to Bayern, more insistently lately after Bavarian club manager Hansi Flick was singled out as a possible successor to German coach Joachim Löw, who recently announced that he will step down after the Euro 2020 this summer.

    Precisely, about his options to be chosen to replace Löw, Nagelsmann said that this position is not for him yet: “To this day, the position of coach is ruled out for me, because the daily work excites me and I am still in an age where that’s good. ”

    “In the distant future, however, it would certainly be an attractive job,” hinted Nagelsmann about his options for the position, which at the age of 33 he prefers not to commit, as he said there are other things that excite him.

    “I would also be tempted to work as a carpenter or train as a cook,” said the technician, joking about this possibility. “It would be funny to go to vocational school at 50 as a former Bundesliga coach,” he said.

    Meanwhile, today, Leipzig host Bayern with the aim of cutting the four points with which the Munich club is ahead.

    In addition, on matchday 27 of the Bundesliga, Wolfsburg also wants to hunt down the Saxons, from whom they are separated by six points.


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