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LEGO: why Star Wars sets are expensive

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun17,2024

This year, LEGO is celebrating 25 years of its collaboration with the Star Wars brand.Wisely launched in 1999 , just a few months before the release of The Phantom Menace, this LEGO range was immediately popular. a huge popular success. However, in recent years, LEGO Star Wars have had a surprising flaw: their price.

LEGO: why Star Wars sets are expensive

Lego d’ or

LEGOStar Warssets have been regularly published by the brand every year for 25 years. If, in the first years, the LEGO Star Wars was in the same price range as the other models offeredby the Danish company, in recent years, the price of LEGO Star Wars has soared. and they are now among the most expensive models.From year to year, plastic bricks become real gold ingots,and the quality ratio increases ;-price sometimes raises questions some. À In this regard, there are certainly several key reasons why LEGOsStar Warsare usually so expensive.

LEGO: why Star Wars sets are expensive< /p>

Star Wars is a license like no other

Yes, that's right, LEGO obtained the license to produce models and sets inspired by Star Wars 25 years ago, in 1999, and so it's a very ;s former partnership. But the Star Wars license has evolved enormously over the past 25 years. When the first LEGO Star Wars sets are released At the time, the saga was already over. old and the last film was released more than 15 years ago. Then, The Phantom Menaceis a huge success that makes Star Wars a license that never seems to want to run out of steam. As the years go by, LEGO benefits from this constant popularity. However, in 2012, things are still changing.

LEGO: why Star Wars sets are expensive

In 2012, Disney bought Star Wars for 4.05 billion dollars and intends to make its purchase profitable. Since that time, the products of ;Star Wars derivatives have changed a lot and even brands that have been selling the license for years are forced to adapt to the new costs. LHasbro figurines, for example, are of much lower quality. than before and only their Black Series collection maintains a certain standard (but is offered much more expensive).

For their part,LEGO does not lower the quality. To be honest, the LEGO Star Wars sets seem to be more and more beautiful and better thought out every year. Maintaining such a level while paying the license fees The price of gold necessarily has a cost which is passed on to the buyer/collector. Obviously, this cost is not found in the ranges which are specific to the product. LEGO whether it be Ninjago or the lateHidden Side.

LEGO: why Star Wars sets are expensive

Of course; r, this problem of onerous exploitation rights is also found for any ensemble inspired by by various franchises such as Marvel, DC, Avatar, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc. On average,A LEGO set that has the same number of pieces as another will likely cost more if it is licensed compared to a licensed LEGO set that has the same number of pieces as another. another who is not. But Star Wars imposes Lego certain technical specifications.

Star Wars one-of-a-kind LEGOs

One of the elements that allows you to build a unique LEGO set. The reason LEGO is profitable is that most of the pieces are more or less always the same. The problem is that'We don't necessarily make an X-Wing with the same parts as those of the LEGO City fire truck. LEGO Star Wars setsThese involve detailed designs, unique mini figures and special features. Star Wars sets often require special details and molds for parts that LEGO cannot reuse elsewhere with other product lines.  For example, many models of  figurines inspired by Star Wars characters cost more than others. produce because of their often unique character.

LEGO: why Star Wars sets are expensive

< p>A Yoda or Mon Calamari head piece can only be used for that specific character, while human faces and hairstyles can be used and reused. ;s on a greater variety of models.The expense of creating all these unique molds is extremely large and paradoxically difficult to maintain. amortize. It's a bit as if each Star Wars box was a gamble for LEGO. And when we see the quantity; With so many LEGO Star Wars models coming out every year, we quickly realize that LEGO is betting a lot.

LEGO: why Star Wars sets are expensive

The requirement of Star Wars fans

However, even if it is true that LEGO Star Wars are among the most expensive,we must still recognize that alternatives exist. If the famous toy brand never hesitates to To release gigantic and expensive sets reproducing imposing vehicles,smaller models and even models for the smallest also exist.Although they are not While perhaps not the most accurate or detailed, models such as microfighters, mechs and battle packs are frequently released. But it’s also there; The problem is that in the end, these sets do not necessarily seem to be the most popular.With a franchise like Star Wars and its multitudes of fans concerned with detail and accuracy, LEGO is ultimately faced with a challenge of its own. a request for information which it is difficult to answer otherwise than with more elaborate and therefore expensive models.

LEGO: why Star Wars sets are expensive

Condemned LEGOs ;s à Be ever more expensive

LEGO Star Wars sets will always be collector's items. Fan demand for ever more imposing sets, Detailed and original information can only help maintain current high prices. Each new model always attracts attention and excitement, and in all objectivity, we must also make ourmea culpa at Hitek since we always tends to here also relay the craziest setsin our articles.

À In this regard, part of the responsibility High prices for LEGO Star Wars sets could certainly be attributed to the collectors themselves.. The fact is that the sets continue to be purchased despite the fact that the increase in prices in recent years. Likewise,no other product line has so many models and sets to choose from. destination for adult collectorsand therefore equipped with greater purchasing power. With persistent demand and a potentially much larger target audience than other product lines, why wouldn't a company like LEGO keep prices high for Star Wars given the inherent value? class=”aligncenter” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/62cb6cd51187d569d6b78ef0785f4c49.png” alt=”LEGO: why Star Wars sets are expensive” />

However, it is necessary to ;also remember that’There are other factors contributing to this. the increase in LEGO prices in general. Although LEGO is committed to move on to plastics to; herbal and organic use more sustainable resources, a press release press release in 2022 has confirmed thatthe rise in prices was partly due to global oil-related supply chain problems, used in their plastic known as ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). In the end, LEGO Star Wars do not come from a galaxy far, far away, and therefore must also deal with very down-to-earth problems. land of the ecological challenge that imposes itself on us. each of ustoday.

LEGO: why Star Wars sets are expensive

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