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LEGO Harry Potter The Spiked Horntail: relive a thrilling scene with this collector’s set

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun14,2024

For passionate collectors of the Harry Potter universe and fans who want to invest in a LEGO set from the Harry Potter film saga J.K. Rowling, the model representing The Magyar to Pointesis currently enjoying a nice discount of almost 30%. The latter takes up the details of the formidable dragon which appeared in the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

LEGO Harry Potter The Horntail with Spikes: relive a thrilling scene with this collector's set

The Magyar Spikes: A Legendary Dragon

In the fourth installment of the series, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the Magyar to Pointes makes a sensational entrance during the Triwizard Tournament. And in the latter, Harry Potter must face this terrible fire-breathing dragon during a test where he must show courage. We remember everything about the scene where Harry Potter dodges the dragon's devastating flames.

LEGO Harry Potter The Horntail with Spikes: relive a thrilling scene with this collector's set

The LEGO Harry Potter The Magyar set Pointes is a faithful replica which is made up of 671 parts. When you have finished it, this model measures more than 40cm in wingspan and a length of more than 48cm. This is a model with a wingspan of over 40cm and a length of over 48cm. of an articulated model, you can therefore make it take the position you want. It rests on its support accompanied by a descriptive plaque and a minifigure of Harry Potter on his broom escaping to life full speed like during the Triwizard Tournament challenge.

LEGO Harry Potter The Horntail: relive a thrilling scene with this set collector

Currently, it benefits from an exceptional offer with a reduction of almost 30%. This is a great opportunity. don't miss it especially as it is no longer available on the LEGO online store. As a result, it will increase in value subsequently.

That's not all since there are other very interesting promotions with the LEGO Harry Potter sets. If you liked the movieHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secretsyou cannot move on to next to it of this model to rebuild. This is the Chamber of Secrets, an emblematic location from the film and the Harry Potter cinematic saga by J.K. Rownling.The set measures over 40 cm high, 40 cm wide, 11 cm deep and it is even possible to connect it to a remote control. other sets. But to be able to take advantage of it, you have to assemble the 1176 pieces included. In addition, you will also have mini figurines: Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Tom Riddle, Colin Crivey, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Luna Lovegood, Gilderoy Lockhart, Albus Dumbledore, Professor Sinistra, and Nearly Headless Nick.

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