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LEGO Harry Potter: build Hogwarts Castle and Grounds

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun10,2024

If you are truly passionate about by the world of Harry Potter and you love collecting LEGO sets. his effigy, then you can't miss this good deal since it concerns the LEGO Harry Potter set Hogwarts Castle and Grounds. The latter is a magnificent piece of art. exhibit that will please all the fans!

LEGO Harry Potter: build Hogwarts Castle and Grounds

The Castle and Hogwarts Grounds: mythical places from the saga

This LEGO set allows Harry Potter fans to reconstruct a small piece of the magical universe ofJ.K. Rowlingand that the cinematic saga which was a hit in the world.

Before being able to exhibit it, you will still need to assemble 2660 pieces, and it doesn't take 5 minutes to complete. To do this, you will have to be patient, but to facilitate its construction there is the LEGO application. Once assembled, this LEGO set is very impressive since it measures no less than 21 cm high, 35 cm wide and 25 cm deep.LEGO Harry Potter: build Hogwarts Castle and Grounds

This construction is a very beautiful, realistic miniature replica that will allow you to remember the most intense scenes of the film saga. You will find the Astronomy Tower, the Great Hall, the Chamber of Secrets, and many other mythical places in the castle.Everything is there to satisfy fans and collectors. That's not all since there is also the mini figurine of the architect of Hogwarts and the Hogwarts Castle plaque.

Please note that at the moment, this Harry Potter collector set which represents The Hogwarts Castle and Estate is currently benefiting from a new discount, an opportunity don't miss it if you missed it! the previous promotion. It is therefore at hand only 139 euros, while on the official store it is still displayed à 169.99 euros.

And to complete your collection, there areother LEGO Harry Potter sets that you might like, such as the one that represents the Battle of Hogwarts,

strong>a must-see mythical scene from this saga. It is composed of 730 pieces, but it includes many figurines with their accessories:

  • Harry Potter,
  • Voldemort,
  • Neville Longbottom,
  • Scabior,
  • Molly Weasley,
  • and Bellatrix Lestrange.

It's hard not to fall for one of the two sets if you're a fan of the license. Plus, with the promotions, it allows you to make great savings compared to the starting price. You can also consult them directly on the official LEGO store to compare the price.

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