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LEGO ECTO-1 Ghostbusters: the collector set drops in price, act quickly

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun20,2024

If you are passionate about from the cult Ghostbusters saga and/or a collector of LEGO sets, the brand has launched a collection that pays homage to this franchise. This LEGO set will allow you to rebuild this iconic Pop Culture vehicle. This is a true collector's item that will increase in value over time.

LEGO ECTO-1 Ghostbusters: the collector's set drops in price, act quickly

Ghostbusters: A timeless license that is back

Ghostbustersis recognized by its charismatic characters and its completely zany humor and this frankness has marked the minds of several generations since the very first film in 1984. Moreover, it continues to evolve. continue over time with a reboot that arrived &àgrave; convince the fans. The latest film Ghostbusters: The Ice Menace was released this year.

LEGO ECTO-1 Ghostbusters: the collector set drops in price, hurry< /p>

The LEGO ECTO-1 Ghostbusters set is an XXL model of the Cadillac Miller-Meteor from 1959. It is very detailed information which makes it even more authentic and realistic. Before being able to proudly display it, you will have to assemble 2352 pieces, and this cannot be done in 5 minutes.

It also has many features such as functional steering, the hatch with a fire trap. ghost, a rear seat gunner, and a mobile ghost sniffer.

LEGO ECTO-1 Ghostbusters: the collector set drops in price, act quickly

To top it all off, the LEGO ECTO-1 set is currently offered with a temporary drop in its price.This is a golden opportunity for collectors and fans of Ghostbusters.

And if you're a fan of fantasy, you can't pass up this game. next to it of thisLEGO set which pays homage to; one of Tolkien's works that Peter Jacksonto adapt to the cinema, The Lord of the Rings. The latter will allow you to rebuild The Valley of Middle-earth. This is an XXL model which measures over 39cm high, 72cm wide and 50cm deep and which includes no less than 15 mini figurines (Frodo, Sam, Bilbo Baggins , Boromir, Gimli, Aragorn, Legolas and Gandalf the Grey, Elrond, and Arwen…). But to take advantage of it, you will have to assemble more than 6,100 pieces, this is one of the most imposing sets that LEGO has produced. Afterwards, you will only have to do it again. find a “small” place to appreciate Rivendell from all its angles. This set is just impressive and it will please both fans and collectors, especially as it risks increasing in value.

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